Five Takeaways: Tulsa Memorial


Posted On: 12/15/17 8:02 AM

In the Tulsa Memorial Invitational, Tulsa Memorial started day one on fire. They shot the ball well from the start and never looked like they were going to lose. After a dominant second quarter, Memorial led by 35 points and they coasted to victory from then on out. Memorial ended up winning the game 75-48 over the NWA Hornets on day one of the Tulsa Memorial Invitational.



  1. Keylan Boone was on fire tonight

Keylan Boone 2019 Tulsa Memorial Wing was a monster tonight for Tulsa Memorial. Keylan started hot and took over the game. He performed well from all three levels of the court and showed his range tonight as he hit multiple threes throughout the game. Boone was the MVP in the game against the Northwest Arkansas Hornets. He finished the game with a game high 21 points and had the play of the game with a monster dunk. Keylan has been performing at an even higher level than many expected this season and his stock seems to be soaring. He already holds NCAA Division I offers and do not be surprised if he adds more soon if he continues to perform at this level.

  1. They Too Deep

Tulsa Memorial has the most depth in the state. After losing two of the best guards in the state, they have returned with an even more stacked team. Coach Bobby Allison uses his depth and keeps his guys fresh throughout the game. Whether the starters were in tonight or a bench player, production did not fall. Memorial will be a tough team to beat this year because of how deep they can go and not drop off. Memorial looks like the team to beat in Class 5A in this early season.

  1. Memorial’s defense

Tulsa Memorial turned up the defense tonight. Memorial only allowed 14 points in the first half and gave up only three points in the second quarter. They used a press much of the second quarter and forced the Hornets into turnover after turnover. They turned this defense into offense and scored many easy transition buckets, including a Keylan Boone slam that rocked the house. Even when Northwest Arkansas was able to break the press, Memorial’s length was hard to shoot over. Kalib Boone 2019 Tulsa Memorial Post blocked a handful of shots tonight and proved that he is one of the best shot-blockers in the state.

  1. Kavon Key for Three

The phrase Kavon Key for three was heard multiple times throughout the night. Key 2020 Tulsa Memorial Guard was on fire for deep. Key played well in his role and the ball movement of the Chargers got him plenty of open shots. He hit three 3’s coming off the bench for the chargers. He finished the game with 11 points. Key is showing a lot of potential and with the playing time he is getting he is only getting better. Key may only be a role player this year but wait over the next couple of years he could develop into a really good player.

  1. The Stock Riser

James Alexandre 2019 Guard has constantly raised his level of play this season. He continues to impress this season. While his role for the team might not be the biggest one, he has bought in. He attacks the basket well and is an aggressive. Against Northwest Arkansas he attacked the basket repeatedly and finished contested layups. Alexandre finished the night with eight points. If he continues to play at the level he is now his stock will continue to rise.