Five Takeaways from Orono vs Woodbury

High School

Posted On: 12/29/17 4:32 PM

The Orono Spartans put together an impressive game plan against Woodbury and executed that gameplan with few errors for a 62-50 victory.

One.  Gameplan Execution.  Orono threw a couple zones at Woodbury and the execution of those zones didn’t just limit Michael Jones to 18 points, they limited Jones to only eight shots.  At times Jones had two players swarming him with a trap and assigned areas, and at other times the Orono simply heavily denied Michael the ball and gave other players space to try and beat Orono.  They didn’t.

Two. Taking Advantage of Opportunity. Max Bjorklund is injured and not playing for Orono right now meaning the minutes of Griffen Sage as a wing scorer were there.  Sage took advantage of the chances right away helping Orono build a 4-5 score lead by hitting three quick three-pointers.  Griffen hit five for the game scoring 16 points with seven rebounds.

Three. Omersa vs Alston. It was future Gopher basketball player Jarvis Omersa against future Nebraska football player David Alston.  There were several elbows thrown and a lot of physical possessions but in the end Omersa was challenged to hit foul shots and he hit six of his last eight to put the game away.  It was a tougher game for Omersa who missed three dunks leading to a 6 of 16 shooting day with six turnovers (half of that was three offensive fouls) but Jarvis still had a game high 18 using his physical ability to touch shots in after a deep post move and he blew by Alston on the baseline for a couple dunks.  18 rebounds and seven boards for Jarvis.  Interesting thought, on the football field how would it go? Remember Jarvis is an excellent football player too.

Four. Not Enough Support Today. With Michael Jones not getting many touches it was up to the Woodbury support to help him out and they just couldn’t.  The non Jones Royals shot 12 of 37 from the floor and non of the main pieces could get much offense going.  DJ Fleming had 16 points as he had a back to back three point run but he was 5 of 15 for the game.

Five. Other Spartans. Colton Codute did a fantastic job managing the game communicating on defense and running a patient offense.  Colton had nine points, six rebounds, and five assists. Six-foot-5 junior Simon Rice came off the bench and hit a couple threes while Thomas Lecy made his pair of attempts.