Five Takeaways: Brush vs. Glenville

High School

Posted On: 12/3/17 6:35 PM

Brush beat Glenville 79-52, for their second win of the weekend. Let’s check out the five most important observations from the Sunday night game.

Replacing the size of John Hugley
In the early season absence of 6’9″ sophomore John Hugley, Brush needs to find a way to make the defense think twice about attacking the basket. Seniors Tyler Williams, Dorian Grayer, and Jalen Johnson will need to step up and bring toughness to the paint. All three of these guys showed flashes of rim defense.

Grayer, a 6’4″ forward, started at the 5 and earned those minutes by crashing the boards, playing away from the ball, and running the floor. He looks to be the most athletic and impactful replacement option.

DJ Dial’s development
The 3-point shot for Dial, a 5’9″ point guard, was far more consistent than what we’ve seen in the past. Putting pressure on the defense from out there is going to open up his driving lanes, where he excels most. Dial is great at probing in the paint and either throwing up a clever floater or finding a shooter to kick to. If he gets a switch on the pick and roll, Dial can blow by forwards with a change of speed. On the defensive side, Dial is able to play the passing lanes while his teammates trap.

The junior led Brush with 24 points, going 4/6 from deep.

Brush’s half-court trap
Brush forced Glenville’s ball-handlers to pick up the ball just past half-court in the corner the entire first half. It’s truly their best way of compensating for the loss of Hugley, as Glenville turned the ball over around midcourt often. Brush’s athletic wings and guards turn interceptions into points quickly also.

Andre Harris, the finisher
Long strides and strong shoulders allowed to 6’3″ junior Andre Harris to finish through defenders. A couple and-ones where he shrugged off defenders before a finger-roll were impressive. Harris also put a right-hand dunk on a defenders head on the break. His upside as a defender and slasher will keep Division I schools interested. He currently holds four offers.

Tahji Benton playing an important role
Scoring 16 points, 5’11” guard Tahji Benton (2018) proved his value to this Brush team. He appears to be the only guy playing off Dial who is confident from deep, sometimes way deep. With all of their slashers and post players, Benton’s aggressiveness as a shooter is an asset even when the shots aren’t falling.