Posted On: 12/9/17 3:43 PM

The Edmond Open featured some great performances on Friday. Get a look at what players raised their stock.


Da’Lin Wiggins 2019 NW Classen Wing 

Wiggins is doing a great job of being patient and moving without the ball to find holes in the defense. He scored the majority of his double-figure points each game by slashing to the basket. The three-point shot of Wiggins makes the opponents have to respect his jumper game. Wiggins is coming off a great summer with the Oklahoma Power and it appears has just continued to build off of it this winter. NCAA Division II programs should have Wiggins on their list in the 2019 Oklahoma Class.

Drew Tennial 2019 Edmond Memorial Guard 

After a lackluster first game at the Edmond Open, Tennial brought his A game on Friday. He was aggressive off the dribble in constant attack mode. Tennial can be one of the best players in the Oklahoma 2019 Class when he is locked in how he was on Friday. He scored the ball well getting to the rim as usual. What made Friday a little more special for Tennial was his three-point shot catching fire. When Tennial is hitting his three-point shot consistently good luck stopping him.

Tauriawn Knight 2018 Point Gaurd Edmond Santa Fe (Signed to South Dakota) 

South Dakota is getting a good one. Knight has put on an offensive clinic the past two games as the leader on both ends of the floor. Knight has started to get a lot of confidence, which should frighten opponents. The three-point jumper of Knight is clearly improved. Knight is in the conversation for Player of the Year in the state. It will be fun to see how far he can lead his wolfpack.

Jacob Ogle 2018 Wing Norman

Ogle came to play this weekend putting people on notice. He scored double-digits in each of his first two games. Ogle used his height at 6’5 and length to his advantage. He showed great touch on his jumper hitting some huge three-pointers. Another area that was impressive for Ogle was his mid-range jumper. He used a step back jumper to find openings over the defense in crunch time. Ogle can score at all three levels effectively. The biggest question surrounding his game was can he perform at a high level consistently. This season so far so good. Prep Hoops projects Ogle as tweener. He could rise all the way to a Low Major Division I program or end up at a JUCO program to elevate his status. NCAA Division II should be all over Ogle’s game if they are looking for a long Wing.

Jaylen O’Conner 2019 Edmond Santa Fe Wing

O’Conner shot the ball lights out from three-point range. He lifted Edmond Santa Fe in several key moments with timely shooting. He is starting to see the floor well finding open teammates playing at the 2 and 3. O’Conner has a lot of potential and is one that both NCAA Division I and NCAA Division II programs should keep tabs on in the 2019 Oklahoma Class.

Antonio Gordon 2019 Lawton Ike Forward

Gordon had a big weekend at the Edmond Open showing people he has improved his game in the Post. At 6’7 trending towards 6’8 Gordon is one of the best at the stretch four in the state. He shot the ball very well from three-point range. It seemed the bigger the moment the more Gordon shined. NCAA Division II programs will want to start recruiting Gordon when they begin recruiting the 2019 Class. I am convinced that if Gordon can bring the level of play he did this weekend he will end up at the NCAA Division I level. He has a little bit of an awkward shot but it works for him. When you get past the look of his shot you see a player with good size, athleticism and upside at the four. Gordon is one of the most improved players in the 2019 Oklahoma Class and likely in the next rankings update will slide into the top 15 in his Class.

JD Ray 2019 Midwest City Point Guard

Ray is not the biggest guys however he will catch your attention pretty quickly when you watch Midwest City. At Point Guard, Ray can do it all scoring, defending and running the show from the Point Guard spot effectively. He won’t be an NCAA Division I player due to the lack of his size. However, he will be a perfect fit for the NCAA Division II program that lands him in two years.

Dayten Holman 2020 Norman Point Guard

Holman shot the ball better than he ever has before from three-point range this weekend. The biggest glaring issue in his game has always been his jumper. If Holman can continue to shoot the ball better he could project all the way to the High Major NCAA Division I level. He was good this weekend at finding open teammates and creating off the dribble as usual. When he is shooting his jump shot effectively teams have a very tough time stopping him. What makes Holman a player that stands out above a lot of other talented guys is that he makes his teammates around him better. Keep an eye on Holman as he could be a kid that has a breakout season.

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