Early Season Defensive Stoppers: Part 3


Posted On: 12/18/17 4:41 PM

Every coach needs a stopper on the defensive end.  Early in the 2017-2018 season, players are carving their niche statewide.  This is our third look at high school basketball players in Michigan who are distinguishing themselves as defensive stoppers early in the season.

Tim Steward (2018, PG, Edison)

Steward is a poised ‘coach on the floor’ type of player on defense.  He never gets rattled in tough situations.  Steward is quick and fast which allows him to stay a step ahead of the offensive player.  He has a large wingspan which he uses to engulf a ball handler and reach into passing lanes.

Daryl Lockhart (2018, SG, Dearborn Robichaud)

Lockhart is steady as can be, especially when playing defense.  He’s always in position and makes the proper rotations.  Lockhart can be counted on to stay in the chest of the man he’s guarding and not get beat on the first step.  He likes to lock in on the ball and use his quick hands to knock it loose.

Demond Mills-Bradley (2018, PG, Clarkston)

Mills-Bradley has cherished the role of defensive stopper.  He’s the type of player that takes pride in the label.  Mills-Bradley is athletic and quick, and he uses this effectively on the defensive end.  He is not intimidated by an opponents size or strength and is able to match up with anyone.

Jauwan Ward (2020, G, Clarenceville)

Ward is a rapidly improving all around player, but he has began to make a name for himself on the defensive end.  He’s the type of player that likes to spark his team with his defense.  Ward does this by making big defensive plays in critical times of the game.

Laurence Dallas (2019, PG, Canton Prep)

Dallas is an outstanding perimeter defender.  He doesn’t get beat on a first step and has the ability to neutralize an opponents go-to move.  Dallas is always a threat to create a turnover and embraces the opportunity to guard the opponents first offensive option.