Early Season Defensive Stoppers: Part 2


Posted On: 12/18/17 1:42 PM

Its early in the season, but players have began to make a name for themselves. Some have became known as defensive stoppers.  Every team needs a player that can come up with a big stop or make s critical play on the defensive end.  We previously took a look at five defensive stoppers. (https://www.prephoops.com/2017/12/early-season-defensive-stoppers-part-1/)  We will now look at five more Michigan high school basketball players who are considered defensive stoppers.

Dan Few (2019, F/C, River Rouge)

He has great feet, especially for a post player. This allows Few to check guards off the ball with a screen.  He has a great understanding on the defensive end which makes him a valuable asset for River Rouge.

Jayvien Torrence (2018, G, River Rouge)

He is a perfect example of what stamina and heart can do for a player on defense.  Torrence can play on and off the ball and never tires.  He looks forward to the challenge of guarding the other teams best player.

Bralin Toney  (2019, G, River Rouge)

This kid is EVERYWHERE.  He plays defense with quick hands and quick feet.  Toney has a knack for causing chaos and creating turnovers.  He can play defense anywhere on the floor.

Dave Hearns (2018, PG, Hazel Park)

Every coach wants a leader on defense and Hearns provides that.  He plays in your face and challenges the offensive player to beat him.  Hearns has quick feet and rarely loses on a first step.

CJ Robinson (2018, G, Clarkston)

He’s a greatcoat athlete who has the physical skills to stop anyone.  Robinson plays defense with his entire body.  He is tough on and off the ball and can slow down anyoneon the perimeter.