Posted On: 12/16/17 9:40 AM

It’s early in the 2017-2018 season, but players have started to distinguish themselves.  They’ve began to carve their niche both on their teams and within the talent in Michigan.  Among the players starting to stand out are the guys who lace it up on the defensive end.  Here are some players who are becoming defensive stoppers In Michigan.

Ayden Mullin (2020, G, Kingsley):

Mullin is quick and athletic.  He has great feet and uses them defensively.  Mullin stays low and challenges his opponent to get a step on him.

Eric Wenning (2018, G, Saline)

Wenning is a team player who has embraced the Saline defensive mindset.  He is a physically strong kid who can guard multiple positions.  He uses his body well defensively and isn’t afraid of contact.

Jalen Kelso (2018, G, West Bloomfield)

Kelso is considered one of the top players in Oakland County, and not just because he can score.  He is known as one of the best on-ball defenders in Michigan.  Kelso plays defense with his hands and his feet making a constant threat to come up with a big steal.

Deshawn Marbury (2019, G, Detroit Henry Ford)

Marbury is a physical kid with great feet.  He literally never stands still on the defensive end, which creates opportunities for him to step in a passing lane.  He plays very good on-ball defense.  Marbury uses his arms to create a wider base and stays low on the ball.

Charles Anderson-Louie (2019, G, Warren Woods Tower)

This kid is strong and he uses it on defense.  There are very few guards in Michigan that can match is strength and physicality.  Anderson-Louie can guard multiple positions allowing him to often match up with the number one option on the other team.