Early Impact Freshman & Sophomore Players

North Carolina

Posted On: 12/13/17 2:04 PM

Hampton Roads Academy 2021 Guard Quadir Pettaway: Only a freshman but this young man has a game that is much more mature than his years. Throughout the game against Bull City Prep, he kept his team in it with his ability to knock down the trey ball, especially off the catch, finishing with 22 points on the day.

Millbrook HS 2021 Forward William Felton: Write his name down , take a picture, tweet it out, or do whatever you want to do but this youngster has a chance to be very special! At 6’6 with a huge shoe size and a nice skillset already his game looks much more mature than his years. He has the occasional miscue here and there but overall he was very impressive to be one of the youngest players on the court. He scored it inside, rebounded, and most importantly he didn’t force anything, only time will tell but I truly believe if he works hard, the sky is the limit.

Hampton Roads Academy 2020 Guard Kahleef Jimmison: One of the quicker guards that we had the chance to see this weekend, he is constantly putting pressure on the defense with how well he can get into the gaps. Also has good vision and a natural feel for the game, he would finish with 9 Assist in their first game, one to keep an eye on.

Overhills HS 2021 Guard Cinque Lemon: Another youngster that has a skillset that is beyond his years, didn’t have his greatest day scoring the ball but had flashes of how good he can be. As the season goes on we can expect better scoring performances from him as he has all the tools to be special.

Burlington Christian Academy 2021 Brock Williams: He’s off to a very good start this season averaging 29 points per game in their 8 games that they played so far. His last two games have been big time performances where he went for 37 Points against Caldwell and 39 Points against Trinity of Durham.

Cramerton Christian 2020 Guard Yasheem Kendrick: Although it’s just his sophomore season, he is stepping it up and making a big time impact. Through 11 games he’s averaging 25 Points a night with his best game coming against Rockwell with 37 Points.

Rock River HS 2020 Jaden Springer: He is a name that you already know, and you don’t have to watch him long to see why. He’s 6’4 with a gift for scoring the ball which we can see from the 25 Points a night, but he’s more than just a scorer as he is getting 8 rebounds and 3 steals as well.