DPSA: Talented Roster Off To Fast Start

High School

Posted On: 12/14/17 7:57 PM

DPSA is off to a 3-0 start to the 2017-2018 season.  They are led by a talented group of players who have been performing at an elite level.

Thomas Henderson (2019, 6-4, G):  24 ppg, 7 apg, 6 rpg

This kid is explosive on the offensive end.  He can score points in bunches and has no limits on his range.  Henderson is improving as a floor leader and can play on or off the ball.  I like to compare him to Steph Curry, especially as his ball handling improves.

Steven Burgess (2018, 6-5, G):  15 ppg

D3 and JUCO coaches should have eyes on him.  He has good size and uses it well.  Burgess is a solid athlete who can create his own looks at the basket.

Alan Gee Jr. (2020, 5-7, G):  13 ppg

This young man may be small, but he is shifty and uses his body well.  He finds small lanes to get to the hoop and is able to shoot around the defense.

James Knight (2020, 6-6, F):  12 ppg

Knight is a young talent to keep an eye on.  He has a high ceiling and will develop into a dangerous player.  Knight has good size and can handle the ball.  He can score in multiple ways and from different levels.

DPSA 72, Mt. Clemens 46

Thomas Henderson – 19 points

Alan Gee Jr. – 15 points

DPSA 55, Grosse Pointe South 49

Thomas Henderson – 24 points

Steven Burgess – 15 points

Alan Gee Jr. – 10 points

DPSA 80, Erie-Mason 54

Thomas Henderson – 29 points

James Knight – 14 points

Steven Burgess – 13 points