Detroit Loyola Scrimmages: Top Performers (Part 2)


Posted On: 12/5/17 6:46 PM

This past weekend, Detroit Loyola hosted teams such as Goodrich, Southfield Christian and De La Salle, among others, for a set of scrimmages. Here’s a look at some of the top individual performers from the day:

Myron Gardner (2019, Detroit Loyola)

Gardner had several solid, consistent performances throughout the course of the day. He played his usual game – dominating the glass, attacking the basket, using his superior size/strength/athleticism to bully his way to the rim. However, what set him apart was his huge clutch performance in Loyola’s comeback effort against Goodrich. He had 8 points over the course of the final two minutes – including the game tying step-back with just seconds remaining. Gardner proved once again he’s capable of delivering in the big time moment.

Luke Pfromm (2018, De La Salle)

Pfromm missed De La Salle’s first game due to car troubles. However, once he arrived he made an instant impact. Great players often have a way of impacting the game that cannot be measured by stats – Pfromm had this sort of impact. While De La Salle played solid in their first game without him (they beat Southfield Christian without their top two players as Justin Fischer sat with an injury), it was evident that they were a different team with him on the court. While this could be attributed to leadership or simply just adding another weapon to their team, they were much better when he was Pfromm was on the court. As far as actual play is concerned, Pfromm made a living attacking the rim and getting to the free throw line. He had several and-ones while doing this. Also, he hit multiple three pointers on the day.

Trell Fordham (2020, Goodrich)

Fordham has made a ton of improvements over the course of the past year and it showed on the day. While he didn’t necessarily have a huge showing offensively, he showed that he’s still a valuable piece in other areas. Fordham excelled as a rebounder – there was one possession I recall him grabbing 4 offensive boards in a row. Also, he was very active on defense, generating a number of turnovers as well as steals for himself. In Goodrich’s matchup with Loyola, Fordham stripped Loyola’s Myron Gardner then passed the ball up court for the game winning assist in overtime. He showed a couple nice dribble moves that he consistently used to create offense for his team. His performances on the day showed the potential for a very promising future.

Jordan Winowiecki (2018, De La Salle)

Winowiecki was the guy who stepped up in the absence of Pfromm in De La Salle’s first game of the day. Even when Pfromm arrived, however, Winowiecki continued to play at a high level. The 6’5″ forward was active on the glass on both ends. He showed versatility with his ability to hit jumpers as well as finish at the rack. One thing about Winowiecki’s game that stood out to me was his great footwork – he made several nice spin moves while driving to the rim which allowed him to finish in traffic. His defensive success matched his offensive success, as he showed versatility on the defensive end as well. He showed a high IQ by rotating on helpside to take a charge, something that he did more than once.