Detroit Loyola Scrimmages: Top Performers (Part 1)


Posted On: 12/5/17 4:12 PM

This past weekend, Detroit Loyola hosted teams such as Goodrich, Southfield Christian and De La Salle, among others, for a set of scrimmages.Here’s a look at some of the top individual performers from the day:

Harlond Beverly (2019, Southfield Christian)

Beverly got out to a slow start in the first game of the morning as he missed a few shots that he’d normally make. However, it was only a matter of time until he found his rhythm and showed why he’s one of the top players in the state. Beverly was dominant on the defensive side of the ball with numerous blocks around the rim – he’s 6’5″ but seemed like he was 6’10” with his rim protection – as well as numerous steals both on and off the ball. Offensively, Beverly took advantage of easy scoring opportunities created by his great defense. He plenty of threes and got to the rim with ease. He also did a fair share of facilitating as well.

Bryce Washington (2018, Southfield Christian)

Washington and Beverly a two man wrecking crew all day. While Beverly’s biggest impact came on the defensive end, Washington carried a huge chunk of the load on offense. One thing that stood out to me is something that he’s been doing well for some time now – Washington got a ton of easy buckets by moving without the ball and making smart cuts that lead to open shots. In addition to that, he consistently hit threes, which is another thing that he typically does well. Easy buckets, combined with good three point shooting, as well as the occasional pull-up or step-back jumper was Washington’s recipe for success on the day. He shot with efficiency, making it seem effortless – really it was just another day at the office for one of the top uncommitted players in the state.

Cam Hudson (2019, Detroit Loyola)

Hudson struggled his first game or two, which caused him to sit more than he would’ve liked. However, he settled in after that and turned it up a notch – he was spectacular in his afternoon games. Hudson showed a nice ability to penetrate and finish at the rim, something that he would do over and over again with seemingly no resistance from the defense. It’s not like the defense was simply letting him blow by, however; Hudson finished regularly through/over/around the helpside defender, tallying multiple and-ones. Additionally, he showed a good ability to defend and apply pressure to opposing ballhandlers.

Tyson Davis (2021, Goodrich)

The freshman is still seeing some of his first high school action, but his inexperience clearly doesn’t faze him. Davis earned praised from just about everybody in the gym for doing pretty much everything on both sides of the ball. In the first game, he stuck to the role of a pure point guard – running the offense, facilitating and playing defense at a high level. However, when teammate Kevin David Rice suffered an ankle injury midway through the second game, Davis stepped up big time in just about every area. Offensively, he got to the rack at will and finished through much bigger defenders. If the defense helped too hard, he was sure to hit the open man. After continued success finishing at the rack, the defense started to sag off, to which Davis responded by burying multiple threes. Defensively he was a pest, pressuring opposing guards fullcourt, resulting in a multitude of turnovers. Multiple times Davis pressured a guard for a few seconds before swiping a steal that led to an easy transition layup. It would not be inaccurate to say he was the MVP of the day.