Top Defenders – player notes

High School

Posted On: 12/29/17 1:21 AM

When you think of an elite defender. You think of a player who accepts the challenge of guarding the best player on the opposing team. A player who would rather stop you from scoring than putting up a 20 piece himself. A player who thrives when there is 15 seconds left in the game and his job is win the game by stopping the opposing teams best player. Here are a few guys who are willing to step up and take that challenge.

Class of 2019 Marysville Pilchuck’s Raequan Battle continues to show an ability to slash and make plays around the basket. His length allows him to do a number of different things offensively. Raquan has worked on his jumper. His mid-range pull-up game looked great and he stepped in and knocked down the long ball with consistency as well. Raquan’s footwork and passing coming off ball screens was also something that looked strong. He got to the basket when he wanted too while showing creativity with his finishes. Strong defender known for his slashing ability on the offensive end of the floor.

Class of 2018 Lake Washington’s sharp shooter Dalton Liesse is preparing for a strong senior season. Liesse has a really nice feel for the game, always making the right decisions with the ball. He has a high basketball IQ and its well known for his defense first, smooth jump shot and deep range. Surprisingly Liesse isnt playing his last AAU season. He decided to focus on his development instead. He is a tough tenacious defender that can guard you 94 feet. He has good foot work which enables him to keep quicker guards in front of him.

Class of 2018 Capital combo guard Luke Layton has a plan for himself, and he’s being proactive to put the wheels in motion. The 6-foot-1 rising senior knows what career path he wants to take after college, and he knows where he wants to be in order to make that a reality. He’s shaping his recruitment to make that happen. And it’s D3s and NAIAs in California that are his target.

Class of 2018 6’0 guard Eddie Turner III made a very powerful statement about his game that I think fits him perfectly.

“I am an exciting and energetic player to watch. I am a knock down shooter, a lockdown defender, and do all of the little things to make sure my team achieves success,” said Eddie, who will be playing with Team Bradley this summer. “I would say that people don’t recognize what I do on the court regarding my leadership and how I’m always talking to my teammates or picking them up when they’re down. People also don’t recognize the little things that I have done since a young age such as making sure I’m always in help on defense and staying true to my fundamentals.”

Charles Elzie – Bellarmine Prep. Elzie is a quick guard, who does a solid job creating off the dribble. He has a good basketball IQ, allowing him to facilitate more and get his teammates going offensively. Elzie is also a good defender, picking up opposing guards full court and causing havoc.