Coaching Spotlight: Jody Barbee

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/15/17 2:14 PM

Barbee with Rechon Black on signing Day

They say one of the toughest tasks in high school basketball is winning a NCHSAA state championship. Jody Barbee conquered that tall task last season while leading Cox Mill High School in Concord, North Carolina to the 3-A state championship and bringing home the hardware. This season, UNC signee Rechon Black decided to come home after spending a season at Montverde Academy in Florida honing his skills and enrolled at the defending champs school.

So this season, Barbee has one top 50 ranked 2018 prospect in Rechon Black and another in the 2019 class with Wendell Moore. As you can imagine, every one in the business thinks that The Chargers should repeat and win a second NCHSAA 3-A state title.

PrepHoopNC’s Justin Byerly had the chance to talk with Barbee about the season so far and the expectations his team has had coming up and during the season.

Justin Byerly: How is the season going so far?

Jody Barbee: Season has been a challenge. Playing a tough schedule and trying to mesh everyone together has been unique. We are where we thought we would be win total wise, but we have earned those wins. We feel like we are playing some of the best teams in NC/SC.

Justin Byerly: What is the biggest struggle Cox Mill has had so far this season?

Jody Barbee:Biggest struggle is defining roles and getting everyone to buy into it. Trying to get kids to be more aggressive attacking the rim and defensively getting better in our rotations.

Justin Byerly: Winning your first title was awesome, what kind of pressure is it this season, when you already have one in the bag?

Jody Barbee: Ton of pressure, especially when you have two top 50 kids you are expected by the armchair coaches to not lose a game this season. That’s a lot of pressure on 15/16/17 year old kids. They get everyone’s best shot every night, we don’t have a game on the schedule where you can take a night off. That’s the nights you get beat.

Justin Byerly: What game are you looking forward to that you feel is going to be a tough one?

Jody Barbee: No game in particular, look forward to the Christmas events we are playing in against some really great programs at CFA Classic and BBC.

Justin Byerly: Is the season not ending in Chapel Hill, a disappointment?

Jody Barbee: Isn’t that everyone’s goal to be playing the last day of the season for a State Championship? I guess you can say we are defined by wins/losses and championships. If we come up short then I’m sure we will be labeled a disappointment. How my kids play, how they carry themselves on and off the court mean more to me than that. I judge myself as a coach by the way my players carry themselves and how they grow into respectful young men! You can say that’s clique of you want, but it’s the honest truth. We are here to make imprint on these young men and make sure they have a chance st being successful outside of basketball, the ball will stop bouncing one day.