Class 6A is wide open

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Posted On: 12/14/17 3:03 PM

In the past five years, Class 6A has easily featured the top basketball in the state of Oklahoma. However, this year is a little different as Class 5A features the better slate of teams 1-5. There are clearly two top teams in Putnam City North and Broken Arrow, but the teams after that are a jumbled mess. On any given night a team outside the top ten could upset any team in the top ten. Although, the top five teams are not as talented as years past it does make for a fascinating year.

Tobias Roland 2021 Putnam City West Wing.

There are ten legitimate contenders for the Class 6A Gold Ball. To make my point, Putnam City West sits at #12 in the coaches rankings, yet there could easily be a case made for them as a top-five team. Midwest City was expected to be one of the top teams in 2017-2018 but suffered the loss of Keyshawn Embery and Jalen Redmond which has been devastating.

The regular season will not feature an undefeated team in Class 6A. Putnam City North heads to Vegas for the Tarkanian Classic where they will likely suffer a loss going up against very talented teams across the nation. That would leave Broken Arrow and Choctaw as the lone undefeated teams. Choctaw has a tough game against Lawton Ike tomorrow night. Broken Arrow has a great chance to be the last Class 6A undefeated team, but they will falter at some point this season.


The Eastside has Broken Arrow at the top currently but don’t be surprised if Union does what the Redskins tend to do and make a charge for the top spot in the East. It would appear Putnam City North will likely be the top seed on the Westside of the state, however, Edmond Santa Fe hopes to have something to say about that.

Not having a super dominant team in Class 6A is not a bad thing. It will give us an exciting regular season and debate on the rankings for the playoff. I can already hear the arguments of how did this team get to host a regional over this team because there is going to be a lot of teams that are close to hosting.  The battle to get to state will be intense, and I can say with great confidence we will have at least one team make state in Class 6A that no one expected to be there.

Class 6A is as wide open as it has been in a long time. Buckle up we are in for an exciting season.

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