Class of 2019 PG Tony Kose talks prep scene, schedule, motivational factors

High School

Posted On: 12/13/17 4:59 PM

PH: What would you describe as your best attributes as a player and in which ways do you impact the game the most?

TK: My best attribute as a player is for sure my shooting ability. At the same time, I feel my game is all around. I can handle the ball at an elite level and I take pride in my defense as I feel it is up to par. 

I really like to get my teammates involved to get them hot. When coach needs someone to put the ball in the hoop, I can do that also. At 6-foot-1 and 170 pounds, you have to be a dog. There is no other way.

PH: You’ve got a good bloodline. With one of your cousins (Wenyen Gabriel) now a sophomore at Kentucky and another cousin  (6-foot-3 guard Jimma Gatwech) now drawing Division-1 interest, how does this factor keep you motivated/focused?

TK: I still have to stay focused even though I have family playing high level Division-1 basketball. I still have to work hard to achieve my goals and dreams although it is helpful that I have these people in my corner. 

Nothing is given in this world, it is all earned. My Dad passed when I was in eighth grade and my Mom is currently undergoing cancer treatment. So, I know for a fact I can’t let any of them down.

PH: What is the identity of this year’s RLTC team and how are you guys beginning to come together and forge yourselves into a cohesive group?

TK: Personally, I believe it all starts with a good coaching staff. This consists of people that have coached and played this game for a long time, because they would know what it takes to win.

Everyone on the team has to find their roles, like any other team. My job as a point guard is to make everyone around me trust in me, and vice versa. As far as team identity goes, we are very much under the radar.

If a college coach walked into our practice he would be amazed at the talent and IQ level.