Posted On: 12/7/17 8:19 PM

PH: How would you describe the basketball crazed culture at home in Kentucky? Who were some of the premiere local talents you went up against in high school?

CC: The skill level in Kentucky is crazy good. Just about every team is bound to make it to state and has that opportunity at some point. I played against a number of highly-touted prospects throughout my career.

These were guys like Jaylen Hall, Chance Moore, and David Johnson. They are all Division-1 athletes.

PH: What has been your primary role on this year’s (BPA) post-graduate team? How is your game best utilized to help the team win?

CC: My role this year has been to come in the game and knock down shots and get stops on defense. Also, my role is bring energy on both sides of the court and be a high-motor guy.

PH: Describe your performance personally and your team’s performance during the win against Montverde.

Your teammate and also a Kentucky native, Jared Grubb, closed the deal with the go-ahead 3-pointer in crunch time.

Which pivotal factors enabled you to thrive in scoring 31 points and hitting 6-of-8 from beyond the arc? Were you simply just feeling it or “in the zone” so to speak?

CC: It honestly didn’t even feel like I was scoring like that. I was just knocking down open shots and making my free throws and that’s what helped us win. We all made our free throws and were poised down the stretch. That was key.

PH: You were a three-sport athlete in high school and earned All-State recognition in multiple sports. What was the grind like and how did you decide on basketball as the path you wanted to pursue in college?

PH: The grind was hard but very fun. It was by far my favorite part of high school. I chose basketball to pursue at the next level because it was the sport I ultimately fell in love with.