Bull City Prep vs The Skills Factory Standout Players

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/22/17 8:00 PM

Bull City Prep Senior PG Malique Jacobs: We have said it before and will say it again, top Juco programs in the country should be recruiting this young man. At 6’3 with nice athletic ability and a gift for scoring the ball, you can see why he is an absolute nightmare for team to try and contain. Most importantly, he loves to play the games of basketball and gives it everything he has on the court.

Bull City Prep Senior Forward David Wingett: He didn’t have his best shooting day but found ways to impact the game throughout the night. He has a nice wingspan to go along with his 6’7 height and has caught the attention of D1 programs from multiple leagues.

Bull City Prep Senior Guard Jules Smith: Although he doesn’t necessarily pass the eye test, this young man can play this game. He has a very nice IQ for the game and doesn’t allow himself to get sped up, also was solid rebounding from the guard spot.

Bull City Prep Forward Samkelo Cele: One of the most athletic players in the gym no matter where he goes, he’s about 6’2 but is 200 pounds with a good amount of it being muscle. This allows him to battle with bigs even though he may be smaller in height, he also plays with a very high motor.

The Skills Factory Post Grad Guard Aguir Agau: He is another player that showed incredible athletic ability with the amount of plays he made above the rim defensively and offensively. After his athleticism you have to notice his height and length, as he is 6’7 with a nice long wingspan. He can shoot the ball well from midrange and deep and is a D1 talent without a doubt.

The Skills Factory Post Grad Guard Aguck Arop: One of the stronger players that we saw throughout the day, he didn’t back down from any challenge and he threw down one of the hardest dunks that we saw. Aguck is the type of player that you throw in the game and within seconds he will make a player due to how high his motor is.

The Skills Factory Post Grad Guard Josh Jackmon: Josh scored the ball at a nice rate and knows how to use his ‘‘stocky’’ frame to get where he wants on the floor. He didn’t turn the ball over too often and was constantly active on the defensive end.