Bishop Kelley Invitational Recap


Posted On: 12/7/17 10:47 PM

Bishop Kelley Invitational Day 1 Recap


Claremore 66 Edison 62

Sapulpa 105 Lincoln Christian 67

Tulsa McLain 57 Cascia Hall 48

Tulsa Webster 70 Bishop Kelley 69


Game 1 Claremore vs Edison


Edison fell in a tight contest to Claremore 66-62. PrepHoops was not in attendance at this game because of unforeseen circumstances.


Game 2 Lincoln Christian vs Sapulpa

The difference in class showed in the matchup between two Top 20 teams from class 4A and Class 6A. Lincoln played well in the first quarter of the game as they led by eight at one point. After the first quarter, Sapulpa took over the game, outscoring Lincoln Christian 88-37 in the final three-quarters of play. The final from this game was Sapulpa 105 Lincoln Christian 67.


Players of Note


Julian Smith 2019 Sapulpa Point Guard 

Smith was hot from the get-go. He scored Sapulpa’s first ten points on the night and didn’t stop until he was pulled midway through the fourth quarter. He finished the night with 26 points and played his most complete game of the season thus far. Smith is one of the best players in the 2019 class and will be a dangerous player over the next two years.


Hunter Hoggatt 2020 Sapulpa Guard 

Hoggatt was the surprise player of the game as he got hot from deep. Hoggatt showed that he has range and he also showed an ability to hit tough shots when guarded tightly. Hoggatt looked like a role player at Sapulpa until he started tearing it up against Lincoln Christian and scoring 21 points throughout the night. He is a solid player from the 2020 class and it will be interesting to watch him develop over the next few years.

Reagan Streck 2018 Lincoln Christian Guard 

In what was a tough game for Lincoln Christian, they had one bright spot. Streck went off for the Bulldogs. Streck scored 26 points on a night that the Bulldogs struggled from the floor. Streck was consistent throughout the game and showed an ability to score at all three levels. Streck also showed a lot of senior leadership when being down big and never gave up. He will be a player to keep an eye on in Class 4A this season.


Game 3 Cascia Hall vs Tulsa McLain

In an atmosphere unlike most, Tulsa McLain beat Cascia Hall 57-48. In what seemed to be a lackadaisical effort by both teams McLain had more talent. The talent was lopsided towards McLain and showed throughout the game. McLain was careless with the ball for most of the game in which led to a score that was closer than expected.


Players of Note

Geramy Lowe 2018 Tulsa McLain Guard

Lowe shot the ball well throughout the night and played tough defense against Cascia Hall. He forced a lot of turnovers and showed his athleticism on the break. He was consistent and played a big part in McLain’s win tonight. Lowe showed poise throughout the game and finished the night with 16 points.


Luke Lawson 2020 Cascia Hall Guard 

On a night where Cascia struggled to find the basket, Lawson was by far their best player. Lawson finished the night with 21 points with all of his made shots coming from beyond the arc. Lawson will be a player to keep an eye on as he develops out of the 2020 class.

Karmon Brice 2018 Tulsa McLain Wing 

Brice was by far the best player on the court in this match. He through down some big dunks throughout the game and showed his length on defense. Brice also showed a touch of outside game as he hit some big threes throughout the game. Brice finished the night with 21 points in a big performance for Tulsa McLain. He and his Tulsa McLain team will have a huge impact on the Class 4A landscape come tournament time.



Game 4: Bishop Kelley vs Tulsa Webster


In what was the game of the day, Webster survived a close one. Webster had some big leads throughout the game but could not keep the Comets down as they played in front of their home crowd. The rowdy crowd was electric tonight and provided the spark for the Comets when they got down big. Webster had some big plays throughout the night as they moved on in the tournament with a 70-69 victory over Bishop Kelley.


Players to note


David Ward 2018 Tulsa Webster Wing 


Ward had his typical game for Webster today, which means he went off. Ward was a beast on both sides of the court tonight as he dominated the game. He had some huge blocks on the defensive side of the ball and affected shots all night long. Ward also came down with rebound after rebound. He finished the game with 23 points and was visibly the best player on the court. Ward is one of the better players in the state and will be fun to watch this season.


Zach Coffman 2018 Bishop Kelly Guard 


Coffman had a huge game for the Comets. While the Comets were struggling in the first quarter, Coffman was consistently hitting shots. He played well the whole game and was fun to watch. Coffman showed his range from deep in this game and kept Bishop Kelley in the game at times. Coffman will be a fun player to watch on a good Bishop Kelley team.


Anthony Pritchard 2021 Tulsa Webster Point Guard 


Pritchard continues to prove that those who doubt him because of his age wrong. Pritchard hit big shots down the wire in a close match tonight. Pritchard showed his handles and continually sauced some of his defenders tonight. Pritchard finished the game with 13 points. He has a bright future and will be fun to see develop with Webster throughout the season.