The Bernard Eckert Holiday Classic Scouting Report

High School

Posted On: 12/30/17 6:50 PM

This past Thursday and Friday, Patterson hosted The Bernard Eckert Holiday Classic featuring three other teams: Perry Hall, Hammond and Gerstell. We were in attendance for the four-team showcase and have put together a scouting report for certain players that caught our eye.

Gerard Mungo | 6’1 | Patterson ’19

Strong, shifty combo guard that scores efficiently from all three levels. Good finisher around the rim through contact. Anticipates in passing lanes well defensively. Uses his physicality as a rebounder and defender, which enables him to guard positions 1-4.

Zack Blackwell | 5’11 | Patterson ’20

Stout guard that can hit three’s at high volume. Good at using his body when attacking the basket to draw fouls once in the paint. Aggressive scorer. Good on the ball defender with active hands. Always looks to push the ball in transition for quick lay ups.

TJ Thomas | 6’2 | Patterson ’19

High-IQ floor general with ability to knock down three’s. Controls the pace of the game and initiates sets for the Clippers. Good length and athleticism for his size, which makes him a solid rebounder for his position.

Isaac James | 6’6 | Patterson ’20

Long forward with nice touch around the basket. Raw from a skill set point of view, but has potential to be very versatile offensively. Distorts opponents’ shots around the rim. Initiates contact under the rim well to get position for rebounds.

Laquill Hardnett | 6’9 | Perry Hall ’18

One of the most versatile bigs you’ll find in the state. Has ability to play the point forward position and set up teammates off penetration. Capable shooter from three. Shot-blocker and solid rebounder. Provides energy and confidence to his team when he’s rolling.

Anthony Walker | 6’9 | Perry Hall ’19

Extremely long, athletic forward that finishes well above the rim. Has extended his shooting range out to 15-17 feet comfortably. Will hit the occasional pull-up jumper off the dribble. Tremendous shot-blocking presence when playing the middle man of the Gators’ 2-3 zone. Good motor that allows him to fill lanes consistently in transition.

Tyler Holley | 6’4 | Perry Hall ’18

Athletic guard who works extremely hard on both ends. Good basketball IQ. Has had to fill the point guard role this season after playing off the ball last season. Still polishing on floor general skills, but has tremendous leadership qualities. Always looks to attack the basket. Athleticism allows him to finish over the rim consistently. Willing to make all of the hustle plays it takes to win a game.

Robert Gordon | 6’1 | Hammond ’18

Left-handed scoring guard. Smooth jumpshot whether it’s in catch and shoot situations or off the dribble. Streaky three-point shooter. Very consistent shooter in the mid-range. He’s a threat every time he has the ball. Operates well off of one or tw0 dribbles. Still has room for improvement with his ball handling.

Micah Henry | 6’1 | Hammond ’19

Quick, shifty floor general that looks to take his match up off the dribble whenever possible. Thrives in isolation or pick-and-roll situations and finishes well around the rim. Will hit jumpshots occasionally, but often times looks to get out in transition and attack the basket. Moves feet well defensively guarding his match up. Still room for improvement in his offensive versatility.

Colin Rimel | 6’1 | Gerstell ’18

Elite three-point shooter. Majority of his shots come from finding the open seams in the defense for catch and shoot opportunities. Quick release makes it tough even for bigger players to get a good contest. Works hard defensively, but still needs to improve lateral movement. Willing to dive on the floor whenever there is a loose ball. High IQ player all-around.

Anthony Carpenter | 5’11 | Gerstell ’19

Scoring-minded guard that can score efficiently from mid-range and three. When he drives to the basket, often times is looking to draw contact and get to the free-throw line where he is very dependable. Average defender on the ball, still can improve on positioning and lateral movement. Has a good feel for the game.

Ahmad Harrison | 6’0 | Gerstell ’21

Very skilled for his age. Left-handed guard that can play both with or off the ball. Anticipates plays before they happen. When he has the mindset to score, he can knock down three’s and finishes efficiently around the rim. Despite his size, Harrison can guard multiple positions defensively. His high IQ and quickness enables him to guard big men on the block, making it hard for them to get solid position.