EJ Liddell, Belleville West

Posted On: 11/5/17 7:00 PM

The Washington Tournament of Champions is annually one of the best Thanksgiving Tournaments nationally. It features teams and players from both Illinois and across the country.  The star of the event this year is five star 2018 point guard Quentin Grimes out of Texas along with Wisconsin big time scorer Tyler Herro.  From Illinois Markese Jacobs (Uplift), EJ Liddell (Belleville West), and Orr’s crop of stellar seniors lead the way.

Here is the schedule and prospect watch for the Washington TOC.


Tuesday, November 21

4:15 PM         Indianapolis Howe (IN) vs Illini Bluffs
5:45 PM         Whitfield (MO) vs Corliss
7:15 PM         Confluence (MO) vs Washington
8:45 PM         Belleville West vs Pekin


Wednesday, November 22

9:15 AM         Urbana vs Confluence (MO)
10:45 PM       Montgomery Carver (AL) vs Uplift
12:15 PM       College Park (TX) vs Belleville West
1:45 PM         Leo vs Sam Houston (TX)
3:30 PM         Hillsboro (MO) vs De Pue
5:00 PM         Uplift vs Winston-Salem (NC)
6:30 PM         Pekin vs College Park (TX)
8:00 PM         Washington vs Urbana
9:30 PM         Greensboro Smith (NC) vs Leo


Thursday, November 23

4:00 PM         Winston Salem Prep (NC) vs Montgomery Carver (AL)
5:30 PM         Orangeville Prep (CAN) vs St. Louis Christian (MO)
7:00 PM         The Rise Centre (CAN) vs Tennessee Prep (TN)
8:30 PM         Sam Houston (TX) vs Greensboro Smith (NC)


Friday, November 24

8:45 AM         TBA
10:15 AM       TBA
11:45 AM       TBA
1:15 PM         Tennessee Prep (TN) vs St. Louis Christian (MO)
3:00 PM         TBA
4:30 PM         TBA
6:00 PM         Whitnall (WI) vs Orr
7:30 PM         TBA
9:00 PM         Rise Centre (CAN) vs Orangeville Prep (CAN)


Saturday, November 25

9:00 AM         TBA
10:30 AM       TBA
12:00 PM       St. Louis Christian (MO) vs The Rise Centre (CAN)
1:30 PM         TBA
3:30 PM         TBA
5:00 PM         TBA
6:30 PM         Orangeville Prep (CAN) vs Tennessee Prep (TN)
8:00 PM         TBA



Prospect Watch


George Conditt (Corliss – Iowa State)
Rahim McKee-Strong (De Pue)
Tyronn Mosley (Orr – UW Milwaukee)
Raekwon Drake (Orr)
Dannie Smith (Orr)
Chase Adams (Orr)
Malachi Smith (Belleville West)
Jace Link (Pekin)
Toraze Dobbs (Uplift)
Adrian Ware (Washington)
Breck Biedschied (Washington)
Tony Hopkins (Indianapolis Howe – New Orleans)
Torrence Watson (Whitfield – Mizzou)
Gavin Pinkley (Hillsboro)
Tyler Herro (Whitnall)
Isaiah Bigelow (Greensboro Smith – Charlotte)
Quinten Grimes (College Park)
Leon Perry (Leon Perry)
Kendric Davis (Sam Houston – TCU)
Daiven Williamson (Winston Salem)
Amadou Fall (St. Louis Christian)
Ignas Brazdeikis (Orangeville – Michigan)
Adong Makuoi (Rise Centre)



EJ Liddell (Belleville West)
Keith Randolph (Belleville West)
Fred Cleveland (Leo)
DaChaun Anderson (Leo)
Markese Jacobs (Uplift – Kansas)
Tavion Underwood (Uplift)
JJ Guedet (Washington)
Jakwon Walton (Montgomery Carver)
Antavion Collum (Tennessee Prep)
Traizon Byrd (Tennessee Prep)




Demarius Splunge (Orr)
Kendale Anderson (Leo)
Justin Taphorn (Pekin)
Silas Mason (Greensboro Smith)