Posted On: 11/24/17 11:10 PM

The last game of the night at the Adam Lopez Thanksgiving Tournament on Friday was CBC and East St. Louis.  Two of the most talented programs on both sides of the Mississippi river.  It was all CBC early.  They jumped out to a big lead and kept pushing it with their great depth.  East St. Louis made a run late, but it wasn’t quite enough as CBC held on to win 76-63.  There were quite a few D1 prospects in this game along with a small college sharp shooter.  Here are our Standouts: CBC vs East St. Louis!


SF Terrence Hargrove Jr (East St. Louis – 2019)

Hargrove is one of my favorite players in the 2019 class.  He currently sets at #3 overall and holds a handful of early D1 offers.  He is a long and uber athletic 6’5” combo forward that probably to max out projects best as a three man that can play small ball four at the high major level when needed.  Hargrove is a player that’s game is predicated on his toughness, energy, and athleticism.  The skill is starting to emerge.  It was evident that was what he wanted to use against CBC.  In the first half every shot he took was from beyond the arc.  He did hit a couple, but that is not how he makes the biggest impact on the game.  Later on he got down in the paint and starting mixing it up getting on the offensive glass and scoring in the paint.  Also had a right handed hook shot.  Hargrove did show improvement on his shot though.  Hit 4-9 from deep which shows progression in what was considered the weakness of his game coming into the season.  Seems more confident shooting it.  Would just like to see him use that as a compliment to what he does best.  He finished with 24 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 blocks.  Big fan of Hargrove as an energy forward at the high-major level.



PF Joe Reece (East St. Louis – 2018)

Reece is a prospect that transferred to ESL from Vashon.  Reece has great size and length.  His athleticism is one of his best assets as a player.  In this game he mostly handled the ball on the perimeter and tried to take guys off the bounce.  He can do that on occasion, but once again that isn’t what he does best.  Was a bit turnover prone handling it as well.  Showed his strengths of getting on the offensive glass and finishing inside on a couple of rare post touches.  Can’t teach his size, athleticism, and upside.  He has committed to Old Dominion already.  He went for 10 points and 7 rebounds.  He will debut as a top 25 player in the mid-season 2018 rankings update.



PG Caleb Love (CBC – 2020)

I was SO IMPRESSED with what this young floor general did.  In an up tempo game against a fast and quick ESL team he completely controlled the tempo and was under control at all times.  Looked like a conductor running the show!  Got everyone on the floor involved with crisp passing both making the simple and spectacular passes equally well.  We have seen him in the past as more a smooth player, but the explosion showed in this one with a quick burst on his first step and he hammered one dunk home.  Love was a monster on the defensive end with his quickness and active hands.  More than once he stole the ball, scored, stole the ball again, and put it in.  24 points, 8 dimes, and 5 steals.  High-majors get on it NOW!  Top100 kid nationally.



PF Josh Wallace (CBC – 2019)

Wallace is a 6’5” energy four man that is just a junk yard dog.  Tough and uber bouncy.  Wallace uses his quick second jump to score around the hoop both scoring with the ball in his hands on post touches and finishing dump offs.  Had a nice right handed hook shot late.  Efficient night going for 9 points (4-6 FG) and 5 rebounds.  Great player at the low-major level.



SG Davis Aufdembrink (CBC – 2018)

This 6’2” senior came out of literally nowhere.  I had never heard of him before and he was drilling threes all over the floor.  Opened up the game about as on fire as you could be drilling multiple triples off the catch.  Didn’t do a ton else, but his shooting was definitely a weapon.  We had him for 15 points.  Small college player.


C Davion Bradford (CBC – 2020)

Bradford might be the most intriguing long term prospect in this game.  At 6’11” he has an unreal frame with grown man strength.  He is still learning how to play the game.  Looks a little lost out there at times.  He had a great assist on the interior.  His post game needs refinement, but his size and upside is tremendous.  Only played 5 minutes.