Posted On: 11/15/17 6:41 PM

The coming high school season is almost upon us. With that, we are taking a look at each Sectional in the state. Starting with 64 and ending with 1. Today, we are previewing Sectional 3.


LaPorte (19-7) – Lost 2nd Rd. Sectional

LaPorte is going to struggle this year after losing their top three scorers from last year’s squad. Sophomore Garrott Ott-Large should be a big contributor after scoring just under nine points a game last season. It will be a rebuilding year for LaPorte and we will see if they have any other pieces for the future.

Mishawaka (9-14) – Lost 1st Rd. Sectional

Mishawaka struggled a bit last year and after losing a key guy to those nine wins I am not sure they will be much better. Their win total will increase but I think that’s only because they have a bunch of seniors this year. They will probably be close to the bottom of this sectional in terms of talent.

Penn (10-13) – Lost 1st Rd. Sectional

Like Laporte, Penn lost a bunch of really good players including their 6’9 post guy who did it all for them. But, they do have some decent guys coming back. Junior Noah Applegate will look to lead this tam and even though I think they will win 10-12 this year they will still be a year from contending.

South Bend Adams (21-5) – Lost 1st Rd. Regional

After the transfer of Walter Ellis, South Bend Adams got much worse. Ellis was going to be their go-to but now that he’s out, we aren’t sure what we are going to get from Adams and I don’t think it will be very good. They lost a bunch of scoring but they still will win a few games this year.

South Bend Clay (7-16) – Lost 1st Rd. Sectional

Like most of the other teams, South Bend Clay struggled last year and this year will be even worse. They lost their best player and they didn’t have much else. With not much in the way of freshmen coming in this year, it will be a rough year and Clay will need to start rebuilding.

South Bend Riley (19-3) – Lost 1st Rd. Sectional

South Bend Riley will be really good this year. Like really, really good. They lost three seniors all who scored over 6.5 points a game. But with seniors Shamar Dilliard and Damezi Anderson back they will be a duo that’s probably the best in the state. The should easily run through this sectional with no problem.

Contenders For 2017-18: South Bend Riley

Prediction: South Bend Riley

Player to Watch: Damezi Anderson (South Bend Riley)