Sectional Preview: 22

High School

Posted On: 11/2/17 1:42 PM

The coming high school season is almost upon us. With that, we are taking a look at each Sectional in the state. Starting with 64 and ending with 1. Today, we are previewing Sectional 22.

Angola (19-8) – Lost Sectional Final

Last year was solid much like they were the year before. This year they are still going to be pretty good. They lose a few seniors off of the team but return enough contributors that they will still be pretty stout. Angola  is going to contend again this year as well.

Fort Wayne Concordia (3-19) – Lost 1st Rd. Sectional

Concordia had two seniors last year that played more than five minutes a game and neither were the leading scorer. They return their two leading scorers and they will look to improve greatly which I think they will. With four underclassmen that will play a lot of minutes they will be much better in a few years.

Garrett (5-18) – Lost 2nd Rd. Sectional

Garrett had two seniors last year who played really well for them. This year they have a small roster but with just two seniors again they will be pretty decent. I expect them to increase their win totals from last year and be a bit better, but just not contend yet.

Leo (12-13) – Lost 1st Rd. Sectional

Leo had 12 wins but they were not as good as their win total suggested. They struggled in the close games and had a couple of high level seniors on the team. This year will be a lot better for them as they have both the Davison brothers on the team. They will contend and could get out with a title.

New Haven (19-8) – Lost 1st Rd. Regional

New Haven won their first sectional in four years and this year are looking to repeat again. It will be a struggle to repeat since they do lose eight seniors. They had a really good run last year that they will be looking to repeat but a tougher schedule will prevent that as well as the talent loss.

Woodlan (12-11) – Lost 2nd Rd. Sectional

Woodlan lost three seniors last year but I don’t think that will hurt them as much as people think because they have seven seniors on the team this year. They return their leading scorer and a pretty good sophomore. This year for them will be better than last year.

Contenders For 2017-18: Angola, New Haven, Woodlan
Prediction: Angola
Player to Watch: Aaron Hahn (Woodlan)