Sectional Preview: 17

High School

Posted On: 11/6/17 10:45 AM

The coming high school season is almost upon us. With that, we are taking a look at each Sectional in the state. Starting with 64 and ending with 1. Today, we are previewing Sectional 17.

Gary West (7-16) – Lost 1st Rd. Sectional
This past season for Gary West was about par for the course for them the last decade. It has been tough for Gary West the last few years but the hope is just on the horizon.  They make the move down to 3A as well as bringing in a strong freshman class.  This season could be the first in a while where they will be a possibility to contend at the top of a Sectional.  It may take some time but with freshman Chrishawn Christmas and Quimari Peterson.

Griffith (24-4) – Lost Regional Finals
Griffith has been one of the top teams in the Region winning 16 or more games in each of the last four seasons.  However, this season will be the first without a good chunk of that core they started that streak with. They only bring back two players who were contributors last season with Jake Dye, a senior forward, and Tim Lawson, a junior guard.  They also have a new head coach as Gary Hayes was forced out last year.  This is a new program really and it will be hard to gauge where things will end up at the end of the season.

Hammond (15-10) – Lost 1st Rd. Sectional
Last year for Hammond was a solid one as they were able to win 15 games.  That was their best record since 2008. Now they will have to completely rebuild after losing pretty much every player from their team last year. Losing seniors Caleb Coleman, Dwayne McClendon, and others is a serious disadvantage. They lose all of their size from year goes well. The one benefit is that the Sectional house drop down in terms of the talent level across-the-board. This will be a rebuilding season and one that may take some time before they’re able to actually contend for a sectional championship.

Hammond Clark (3-21) – Lost 1st Rd. Sectional
Hammond Clark is coming off a season in which they only won three games. However, this hasn’t been a good program for quite some time. The last time that they won double digit games was in 2011.  Now, they bring in the new head coach and Jason Hill and will look to rebound in a sectional that is down the season. Things will be opened up with really only Lighthouse as the main team to beat.  Like most of the teams in the sectional, if anybody can get on a run they could win this Sectional. It is not out of the realm of possibilities that any one of these teams is able to win.

Hammond Gavit (6-18) – Lost Sectional Semifinals
This past season for Hammond Gavit was about normal as they six games. The last time that they were able to compete in a Sectional was in 2003 when they beat Hammond to win the Sectional Championship. The nice thing for Gavit is that they bring back top two scorers from a year ago.  They do, however, lose their depth from last season.  Their 3-6 scorers are gone now.  They bring back some size but this is a team that hasn’t had much success lately so expectations are still on the lower end.

Lighthouse CPA (7-21) – Lost Sectional Finals
This past season was a weird one for Lighthouse as they only won 7 games but was a team that scored 70.5 ppg as a team. They struggled to get some key wins.  They lose a big chunk of their offense from last year but return two of their top five scorers and some size as well. In a Sectional that just isn’t very good, Lighthouse is seen as a possible top contender with a head coach who knows how to win games in the playoffs. Their schedule is extremely difficult this year but look for them to be a team to beat come late February.

Contenders For 2017-18: Lighthouse CPA, Griffith, Gary West, Hammond Gavit
Prediction: Griffith
Player to Watch: Jake Dye (Griffith)