Posted On: 11/30/17 6:07 PM

These guards are at the top of their class rankings for good reasons. They are all adept at scoring in their own ways. A point guard needs to be able to lead their team which these guys can do, but they also need to know when to take the scoring into their own hands.

Trevante Anderson (2018)

Anderson identifies himself as a pass first guard, but he has been brought his game to a new level of late showing a more aggressive scoring side. He takes his role seriously as the guy who controls the tempo of the game, but has been scoring more when his team needs him to. He has shown that off by knocking down open three point shots, as well as working his way closer to the rim. He uses aggressive dribbling and his body to power his way to the rim where he has the finesse to lay the ball in.

Elijah Pepper (2019)

Pepper is one of the most exciting prospects in Washington in recent memory. Playing at Selah High School, Pepper has shown poise on the court way ahead of his years. Even though he is just entering his junior year, expect the third overall prospect to be one of the top point guards in the state. He uses his size, speed, and athleticism to get to the rim, but when watching him play, his footwork stands out as one of his greatest strengths. In addition to his offense, Pepper gets the job done on the other end of the floor, using his size to guard multiple positions.

Marquan Williams (2018)

The second ranked point guard in his class, Williams, thrives with the ball in his hand. He is smaller than those he is playing around, but his energy and effort on both ends of the court more than makes up for it. He can dish out to his teammates when he draws coverage, but is excellent at shooting of the dribble. He can also hit spot up threes and uses his quick hands and feet to fool defenders on his way to the rim.