Recruiting Report: Jocoa Kerschen (2018)

High School

Posted On: 11/20/17 12:03 PM

After bursting onto the scene last winter as a junior, Iowa City Regina sharpshooter Jocoa Kerschen is ready to showcase his improved and diversified skill-set during his upcoming senior season.

With the success of last season, the rangy 6-foot-4 wing started to generate some recruitment, and will undoubtedly garner some more this winter.

“Recruitment is going well, I’m the oldest kid in my family, so it’s all kind of new to us. We’re reaching out to some schools right now, and currently I’m talking to D3 schools, like St. Thomas, Hamline, Coe, Central and Wartburg,” said Kerschen.

“I’ve recently gotten in touch with Rockhurst in Kansas City, and I’m in the process of reaching out to more schools. I’m looking for a new environment, I want to try something new, and get out of Iowa possibly.”

He added: “Hopefully, I can reach out to some more schools, and have them come down and see me play, because I think that’s a pretty big step in recruitment.”

What  college coaches will see when they visit Regina, is a sharpshooter with some height, who has worked hard to diversify his game.

“First off, I’d say I’m probably a shooter, and I try and distribute the ball around the floor. Recently, I feel like I’ve shown more of a driving and mid-range game, as opposed to just the 3. And I work hard on defense,” said Kerschen.

“I’ve just been pushing myself to expand my game, everyone thinks of me as a 3-point shooter, but I like to prove that I can drive and do more than making just 3s.”

Last season, Kerschen led the Regals in scoring. This season, he’s looking to do the same, and lead the experienced group to a state tourney berth.

“We have a lot of talent on the floor, and I think if we’re able to come together as a team, we can shock a lot of people this year. My role doesn’t change much, I was a captain last year and I’ll continue to be a captain this year,” said Kerschen.  

“I just want to help the team in any way that I can to win. I want to be one of the better rebounders on the team, that’s going to be important. I just want to be a big part of the team.