Prospect Spotlight: Gabe Gallegos (2019)


Posted On: 11/2/17 4:13 PM

With his junior season on the horizon, Vallivue guard Gabe Gallegos is hoping to make a huge splash and prove why he’s currently Idaho’s 17th-ranked 2019.

A combo-guard with sharpshooting ability, Gallegos, took some time out recently to discuss his hoops life with PHID, and mentioned his strengths as a player, and also some areas that need improvement.

“I think I’m a really good shooter, and I can handle the ball. I like to play the two, but I can play the point guard position. I like to attack the basket as much as I can, but I’m more of a shooter than anything,” said Gallegos.

“One thing that I need to work on most is defense. I’m pretty decent at it, I’m alright, but I want to get to the next level, and learn even more. And I also want to shoot off the dribble better.”

This past spring and summer, Gallegos played some with FLITE 16U, and says though he didn’t play much, he made the most of the experience.

“I kind of hopped on late, so I didn’t play as much as I’d have liked. But I played two tournaments with them, and I thought I played pretty good,” said Gallegos. “I didn’t turn the ball over and I scored as much as I could. It was a pretty fun experience.”

Now, he’s preparing for his first year with the Vallivue varsity, and Gallegos laid out some goals and expectations.

“I’m very excited for this year, and I’m hoping to be a starter, that’s my goal. And if not, I’ll just come off the bench and play well and keep the turnovers low and score as much as I can,” he said.

And with some success this season, the college recruitment could follow.  

“I definitely want to play college basketball, so that’s something I’m really looking into,” said Gallegos. “I’m, of course, trying to get my game better and hoping to get a little bigger, and grow a little bit more. And I kind of want to adapt more to the point guard position, and overall get my whole skill level up over these next few months.”