Posted On: 11/20/17 8:00 AM

In the latest installment of the Prep Hoops Idaho Interview series, PHID caught up with Nampa Christian’s Griffin Carson as he filled us in on the season ahead and also shared what he is looking for in a college following his prep career. Carson is a nice sized point guard standing at 6’5, and boasted averages of 16.5 points and 4.0 assists per game last year as a junior. Carson also earned First Team All-Conference honors as a result of his leadership and steady play. Carson will look to make progress in his final prep year as he guides his team to another state tournament bid and perhaps a deeper run than in 2016-2017.


Check out our chat with Nampa Christian’s Griffin Carson below, enjoy!


What was your basketball related highlight this summer?

The basketball related highlight I had this summer was playing with Idaho Select for my first time, it was a great experience to travel and play against the best competition in Anaheim, Las Vegas, and Seattle.


What is your favorite opposing gym to play in?

My favorite opposing gym to play in is at Cole Valley Christian, they are my school’s rival and it’s loud plus a great environment to play in.


Who is the best player that you have played against?

I can’t really single out a player that was the best I have played against, but this summer in a tournament at Las Vegas it had the best of the best every game.


Who is your favorite player to play against?

I don’t have a favorite player that I like to play against, but if it was a team, it would be Cole Valley.


Which is your favorite social media and why?

My favorite social media would be Instagram because I like showing people what I am doing, or where I’m at through pictures.


What has been your favorite part of the recruiting process?

My favorite part of the recruiting process is to get to know new people and to showcase my talent.


What has been your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

The least favorite part of my recruiting process so far would be the stress that comes with finding a college.


What are you looking for most with regard to colleges?

Any college would be great, but to be at a college near home would be even cooler.


High school or Grassroots Circuit?

High School.


Who is your favorite NBA player?

My favorite NBA player as of right now in the league would be Kevin Durant, I like his game and how he does the things he does with his height, it’s amazing.


What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?

My personal goals I have for this season is to become a vocal leader for my team, to get everyone on the same page, and to win a state championship.