PHI Freshman Showcase: Team 8 Breakdown

High School

Posted On: 11/17/17 8:05 PM

With the PHI Freshman Showcase now complete, we are going through film and looking back at the games and players from the event. Now, we breakdown each team from the 3rd annual Showcase.  Here are our notes on Team 8.

Jake Kinsey – 5’8 PG – Shenandoah (IN) – Kinsey is a smaller guard but plays really smart and tough. True on-ball guard with good vision and passing ability. A little limited on the defensive end due to size but gives more effort than most to make up for it. Can score the ball in stretches as a creative driver. Knows how to score being undersized.

Dylan Ritter – 5’10 PG – Zionsville (IN) – Ritter is a shorter guard but has good size and some strength already. Good ball handler and should stay on the ball. Has some offense as a perimeter shooter. Better off the catch but showed ability to create a bit. Active off the ball looking for rebounds and slashing to rim.

Naylon Thompson – 6’0 SG – Bishop Luers (IN) – Naylon is a long, lanky guard with a good amount of athleticism and some solid ball handling. Plays a bit too wild at times but can make a lot of plays. Tons of upside as jumper develops but he can hit it now. Decent perimeter jumper when he is set.

Andrew Carlton – 6’2 SG – Evansville Reitz (IN) – Carlton is a really advanced scoring guard with great size and strength. Has good ball handling and can be a difficult matchup because of his size. Overpowers defenders as he can drive to the rim. Has a really good mid-range game, showing ability to post-up and create.

Landon Morris – 6’5 – PF – Hamilton Southeastern (IN) – Landon is a tall forward that is still a bit in between positions. Isn’t a true post but plays there more right now. Likely more of a stretch forward as his mobility and length work better on the wing. Rebounds well right now and can finish down low. Showed good handles and ability to push ball up the floor.

Quimari Peterson – 5’10 PG Gary West (IN) – Quimari is a lanky, small guard with good speed and really great ability on defense. Likes to get after it and will pressure. Rebounds the ball really well and will push the tempo. Has a good hesitation dribble to create space. Really interesting prospect with a lot of upside. Definitely on-ball guard with scoring ability.

Colton Jones – 6’1 SG – Valparaiso (IN) – Colton is a solid guard with a good frame and an even better jump shot. Can knock it down from behind the arc. Handles are okay but isn’t a big creator or driver yet. LIkely better as an off-guard. Good at using screens to create space and has capability to pull-up off the dribble.

Preston Barker – 6’1 SG – Homestead (IN) – Preston is a tall guard with a good frame. Can play well inside with his strength and if he grows could be more of a forward. Likes to shoot from the perimeter but will need to fine tune the release a bit. Best off the catch. Could be valuable as a versatility defender early on in career.

Sam Stycker – 6’3 SF – Fort Wayne Carroll (IN) -Strycker is a tall forward with a big frame and strength already. Good perimeter shooter with a high release. Can play inside and out. Handles the ball and showed he can rebound and breakout out into transition. Has the size to play all over the floor and could find early minutes because of that.

Jaylen Carson – 6’4 SF – Crispus Attucks (IN) – Carson is a long, lanky wing with good handles and some creation ability. Rebounds the ball well using his length. Has a ton of upside as he adds strength and shooting ability. Best when faced-up in the mid-range where he can run at the rim to use length and athleticism. Tons of room to develop but already a good prospect.