PHI Freshman Showcase: Team 6 Breakdown

High School

Posted On: 11/17/17 8:05 PM

With the PHI Freshman Showcase now complete, we are going through film and looking back at the games and players from the event. Now, we breakdown each team from the 3rd annual Showcase.  Here are our notes on Team 6.

Dashaun Coleman – 5’10 PG – Kokomo (IN) – Dashaun is a smaller guard with some quickness. Will be an on ball guard longterm. Isn’t a big offensive guy right now but can score it when looking to go at the rim. Talented with the ball in his hand, just more of a facilitator right now. Good rebounder for a guard right now.

Jake Heidbreder – 6’2 SG – Floyd Central (IN) – Jake is a tall guard with some solid mobility and skill. Handles the ball well and can create a bit from the arc. Likes to look to score quite a bit. Will be a 2/3 who should gain more size soon. More of a scorer than a shooter right now as he can mix it up inside with his size.

Jackson Richards – 5’10 SG – Kokomo (IN) – Jackson is a small but creative guard. Good off the bounce as he can drive well and get off some tough shots around the rim. Solid perimeter jumper btu best as a catch and shoot guy right now. Plays tough and is always involved in each play. Should gain some size soon.

Trenton Hurst – 6’1 SG – Fort Wayne Snider (IN) – Trenton is a tall guard with a good frame and a good amount of strength already. Will play more as a wing down the road as he should grow a bit and has more skill to develop. Decent passer but a bit passive on offense. Has the frame to overpower opposing guards and has handles to get to the rim.

Rocco Muratori – 6’9 C – West Lafayette (IN) – Rocco is a tall post player with a thin frame but is really mobile and has a lot of skill already. Can get up and down the floor well. Finishes at a high rate at the rim with his right hand. Has good touch in the paint, just needs more strength to continue to grow. Rebounding will need to improve but good prospect.

Frederick Murray – 5’7 PG – Warren Central (IN) – Frederick is a smaller guard but has a quite a bit of speed. Is really good with the ball in the open floor. Creates well and can finish well for his size. Has a bit of trouble on defense but should improve with more size and time. Has some length and he could still grow enough to really change his game.

Cole McDaniel – 5’9 PG – New Castle (IN) – Cole is a smaller guard but brought some offense. He was really good with the ball in his hands to create some offense but good as well as a catch-and-shoot guy. Will drive more now to create for others than for himself. Good on-ball guard that should provide shooting ability.

Simon Jacob – 6’2 SF – Forest Park (IN) – Simon is a tall wing with the ability to play inside-out. Has enough strength right now to rebound and be effecive in the low post. However, he’s plenty capable of playing out on the wing as well. Big frame should continue to grow and will allow his skill to really develop quick.

Thomas Latham – 6’3 SF – New Haven (IN) – Latham is a tall wing with a mixed bag of skills right now. Good rebounder who can play inside more effectively right now. However, he has really solid ball handling for his size and can create a bit already. Should transition well as a wing forward with an improved perimeter jumper.

Miles McGown – 6’4 SF – Mooresville (IN) – Miles is a tall forward with more of a post game right now. He’s really mobile and able to play all over the floor. Good post finishing ability with his right hand. Lacks a lot of strength right now. Will need to buik up but he’s not passive and involved in the post a lot. Has upside once strength comes in.