PHI Freshman Showcase: Team 3 Breakdown

High School

Posted On: 11/17/17 8:04 PM

With the PHI Freshman Showcase now complete, we are going through film and looking back at the games and players from the event. Now, we breakdown each team from the 3rd annual Showcase.  Here are our notes on Team 3.

Quinn Harmon – 6’0 PG – Homestead (IN) – Harmon is a solid guard who likely will play off the ball but his handles are solid and he’s confident with it. Really good shooter who can play on the perimeter as a big time shooter. Should still grow a bit and will need strength on the frame but upside is there once the body comes.

Jaylen Fairmon – 5’10 PG – Jeffersonville (IN) – Fairmon is a solid lead guard with really good handles and somse vision. Creates well in along the perimeter where he can use screens really well. If he can develop a mid-range jumper he could become a stellar lead guard with his breakdown ability. Big upside coming soon.

Andrew Kroft – 6’1 SF – Fort Wayne North (IN) – Kroft is a big wing with strength and athleticism already. Good handles and likes to play fast in transition where he can overpower defenders. Can pull-up and shoot, better when he can set his feet. Likes to finish above the rim when he can. Aggressive wing with upside as jumper comes along.

Vinny Bucilla – 6’1 SG – Hamilton Southeastern (IN) – Bucilla is a tall guard who will look to shoot the ball. Likely an off-guard with range as a shooter. Can handle the ball well and is a solid passer. Can help on the ball right now but best when he can get open looks along the perimeter where he can make plays.

Langdon Hatton – 6’6 PF – North Harrison (IN) – Hatton is a tall forward with some solid athleticism. Can play faced up but best when he’s with his back-to-the-basket. Rebounds well and can create points in the paint right now. Solid on the perimeter as a defender on wings/forwards with his foot speed. Better straight line athlete.

Larry Stone Jr. – 5’5 PG – Crispus Attucks (IN) – Stone Jr. is a small lead guard with a lot of speed and a solid feel for the game. Can pass the ball fairly well and gets to the rim where he finishes okay. Will need to find more ways on offense but can give you a true lead guard. Jumper is solid for his size as he really elevates on it to help.

Braden Baker – 5’9 PG – Fishers (IN) – Baker is a smaller guard who should stay on the ball. He’s got good handles and the capability to handle pressure. Good, quick jumper from deep. Creative ball handler that sees the floor well and creates well for others when he drives. High IQ lead guard.

Ashton Beaver – 6’0 PG – Lafayette Jeff (IN) – Beaver is a solid guard who is setup to play more off the ball long term. Has solid handles and can create a bit. Passing can be improved but his effort is always there. Really capable shooter who can get into the mid-range to pull-up. Best when he gets off jumpers.

Chris Mantis – 6’2 SG – Lowell (IN) – Mantis is a tall guard who will play off the ball. He’s a really good shooter who has a great pull-up. Gets hot and can keep it going. Decently agile and ball handling is pretty solid to help his creation ability. Should be able to play on the ball early on in his career. Good upside with his shooting.

Silas Bauer – 6’4 SF – Loogootee (IN) – Silas is a tall wing with a good mix of inside and out game. Loves to shoot the ball and has a good jumper from deep. Can mix it up inside if needed. Has a frame that should continue to grow. Handles are okay for a wing but could develop more off the bounce later in career.