OCP To Entertain New Expectations In 2017-18

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Posted On: 11/6/17 3:07 PM

Nassir Little was amongst the top-10 players in the country in field goal percentage, hovering around 60 percent. A versatile, hyper-athletic 6-foot-7 forward, Little still didn’t generate the same high expectations, hearsay, and hype as other less decorated recruits.

Then came the summer of 2017.

Adidas certainly gave Little a massive stage. The Class of 2018 prospect prospered on it, out dueling several players and enabling his high-major stock to skyrocket. Little, who shot above 50 percent from beyond the arc the past two seasons and will be the centerpiece for reigning state champion Orlando Christian Prep, was easily the nation’s quickest rising recruit.

The UNC-commit rapidly evolved into a five-star recruit and exceeded countless players in the national rankings.

An accurate depiction of Mr. Everything, Little can put the ball on the deck and create for himself. He’s a menacing shot blocker who can guard every position on the floor.

The emergence of Little, Buffalo-commit Ronaldo Segu, and high-major prospect C.J. Walker were all pivotal factors in OCP’s increased strength of schedule in 2017-18.

“We asked coach for a harder schedule,” said Segu, whose advanced on-court IQ and naturally knack for facilitating allowed him to stockpile 20+ Division-1 offers.

“Last year, nobody knew we would be there. Now we get it, we know we’re gonna be the hunted. We’re going to be prepared. We’re going to work our best in practice. We’re looking forward to (the increase in strength of schedule). We asked for it and we’re gonna be ready to play against the best.”

While Little has become a known commodity throughout the country, OCP returns a veteran supporting cast and position-to-position depth.

“Our chemistry is really good, it makes the game easier and opens up the court,” said Segu of the radiant inside-outside punch he forms with Little.

“We have other guys too that make the game easier like C.J. Walker and Dejuan Lockett. The whole OCP roster. It makes it easier playing with Nas. He’s so athletic and he can do certain moves that people can’t guard. It’s definitely a plus.”

Walker, a Class of 2019 small forward, has offers from Florida, Florida State, Auburn, and a barrage of others. Rutgers, which has had success tapping into the Florida market with explosive 6-foot-3 guard and NBA prospect Corey Sanders, recently offered.

“C.J. Walker has become a high major athlete with his length and skill,” said fellow Sanford, Fla. native and former UCF sharpshooter Brad Traina.

“The more he continues to develop his guard skills, he will continue to play basketball at the professional level.”

While Little is the most acclaimed recruit, OCP will have the opportunity to maximize its overall exposure this season. It will also provide a bigger stage for Segu, a traditional point guard who sets the table for OCP’s wealth of weapons.

Segu’s ability to be a quarterback first while refusing to become enamored with personal statistics is what made him appealing to an array of Division-1 programs.

How does he envision himself leading by example, especially with the stakes raised and the OCP name earning sudden national fanfare?

“Being a pass-first point guard, I’m looking to make my teammates better,” Segu said. “Doing what I do best, which is just being a winner above all out there. Being aggressive on the defensive side as well.”