Mr. Basketball Candidate: Raekwon Drake

High School

Posted On: 11/11/17 6:00 AM

In this series we take a look at the potential candidates for Mr. Basketball in the state of Illinois for this upcoming season.  Here we profile Orr 2018 forward Raekwon Drake.



Drake is one of the most physical and athletic players in the state of Illinois.  He has been an impact player in the Chicago Public League since he stepped foot at Orr.  Very intimidating player with his elite level of rebounding and thunderous slams that he brings on a game in and game out basis.  Drake showed this summer with Team Rose an improved face up game on the offensive end.  That along with his big time rebounding will make him a force in 2A for Orr!

Odds to Win:



Why He Can Win:

He is an established high school basketball standout in Chicago returning.  That goes a long way at the beginning of the season.  As we mentioned above he made significant strides in his skill development this summer which will make him a mismatch for opposing power forwards in Chicago.  Drake will post double doubles on a regular basis and being on one of the top teams in the city won’t hurt either.


Obstacles to Win:

Orr is a team that has a lot of quality upperclassmen.  Once again that is good for them being the favorites to repeat for state, but might cut back on Drake’s production a bit.  They also won’t get seen much by voters outside of Chicago in other areas of Illinois.