Mr. Basketball Candidate: EJ Liddell

High School

Posted On: 11/3/17 6:00 AM

In this series we take a look at the potential candidates for Mr. Basketball in the state of Illinois for this upcoming season.  Here we profile Belleville West 2019 power forward EJ Liddell.



Liddell has been a prospect on our radar even before he played his first high school game.  His name started to create buzz for casual fans last season after posting several spectacular games late in the high school season where he went for 30 and 40 point games against high-major seniors.  He is an athletic and skilled power forward that continues to improve his game each time we see him.

Odds to Win:



Why He Can Win:

The southern Illinois and metro east votes have to go somewhere and this is the most likely candidate heading into the season.  When you look at what he brings to the table with his production that he will put up this season and the fact that Belleville West will be the premier team in the metro east that is a great start for making his case.


Obstacles to Win:

Two major ones here.  First off this is predominantly an award dominated by seniors over the year.  Being a junior he will have to blow the rest of the field away to win.  Also he won’t have many opportunities to show northern and central Illinois voters what he brings to the table in person.