Mr. Basketball Candidate: DeAndre Heckard

High School

Posted On: 11/17/17 6:00 AM

In this series we take a look at the potential candidates for Mr. Basketball in the state of Illinois for this upcoming season.  Here we profile Romeoville 2018 point guard DeAndre Heckard.   Profile: Heckard has flown under the radar the last year or so as one of the better point guard prospects in the senior class.  The top 10 prospect in the 2018 class is a broad shouldered point guard that has a feel for the game.  He is best when attacking downhill and getting in the lane.  Solid mid-range shooter that can hit an occasional three.  Coming off another strong summer with Hoops4Health. Odds to Win: 35/1   Why He Can Win: Quietly Romeoville will be one of the best teams in the Chicago suburbs this upcoming season.  With the transfer of Eddie Creal along with what they already had returning Romeoville led by Heckard should be a team that gets some momentum and attention during the season.   Obstacles to Win: Not a lot of casual fans and writers even know who Heckard is heading into the season.  His production will also be split a few ways with all the veteran talent at Romeoville.  The route we could see him getting in the mix is having a few big early games like Teyvion Kirk did last year.