Bryce Hall, Simeon

Posted On: 11/26/17 5:00 PM

Bryce Hall is a 6’4” small forward from Simeon with a lot of projectability in his game.  Totally looks the part with his length and ability to handle the ball in space.  Skilled wing that plays best in an up and down game where he can make plays in the open floor.  Solid passer and can hit an occasional three.  Prospect that leaves you wanting more at times because he has so much raw talent.

Hall ran with the Mac Irvin Fire last summer.

“It could have been better.  It wasn’t a bad summer.  I think I did good, but could have done a lot better.”

What does he bring to the table as a player?

“I am going to compete.  I play good defense and I can score.”

Being at Simeon he has the ability to play against some of the best players in the state every day and is taking advantage of that.

“I am learning from the older guys.  They are elite so it is teaching me how to play harder.  Watching Talen (Horton-Tucker) I have picked up on some of the moves he uses to score and X (Xavier Pinson) his ability to see the floor with his vision.”