Five Questions: Brownsburg vs. Arlington

High School

Posted On: 11/22/17 9:49 PM

The first game of the season always brings with it hope and following the Brownsburg vs. Arlington game on Wednesday night, while Brownsburg got the win, both teams have to still have that hope moving forward.  Brownsburg won 76-48 but for three quarters Arlington was tough and gave them all they can handle.  Ray Pantoja was impressive for Arlington scoring 17 points and grabbing a couple of rebounds while Brownsburg’s Cameron Alford led all scorers with 20 points and 3 rebounds.

Can Brownsburg Clean Things Up?
Brownsburg is really talented but they were very sloppy tonight. For as well coached as they are, it was a bit surprising.  I think they will have to figure out player rotations a bit better. They almost need one more guy because after Cameron Alford and Kris Jackson, they don’t have another guy that is really that trustworthy when a team like Arlington wants to get up in them. They will have to figure it out quick because their schedule isn’t easy and it continues with Indianapolis Pike this weekend.

Does Arlington Have Enough To Compete This Year?
They looked a lot better than we thought heading into the season. They lost some really good pieces from last year and now have a big group of new faces.  Ray Pantoja was really interested as a scoring guard. He’s a bit wild but he can really shoot the ball.  He has the ability to put up points in a hurry and all on his own.  They have some size but their three players over 6’5 combined for 0 points in this game.  Guard play is good enough to surprise teams just like they did against Brownsburg but will need their bigs to get a lot better.

Where Does Brownsburg’s Three Point Shooting Come From?
2/8. That is what Brownsburg went in this game from long range. It wasn’t a great night for their shooting and it is a bit concerning.  They really don’t have great three point shooters. Alford is a good scorer but not really a “shooter.”  Freshman Pierce Thomas is really streaky right now but when he is on he can get it going.  Tonight, the two threes they hit came from Reis Thomas and Malek Edmonds.  Those aren’t the guys that should be your best shooters.  Could see guys like Luke Lacey, Gunnar Reffeitt, and Ryan Porath step up into that role.

How Good Can Pierce Thomas This Year?
This game was an interesting one for the freshman standout Pierce Thomas. He started but looked a bit off early in the 1st quarter. He looked like he could have been a bit nervous. He missed the jump shots he took throughout the game but in the second half he was much more calm and started making plays to help his teammates rather than looking to score. As far as we have seen, that is the part of what makes him special is his ability to effect the game in ways outside of scoring the ball.  If he can continue down the path he did in the second half of this game, where he went 6/6 from the free throw line and had 4 or so really nice assists, his offense should be fine and he could have a year on par with the rest of the stellar freshman in the state.

Do Each Of These Teams Win Their Next Game?
For Arlington, they are now 1-1 but unfortunately things don’t get better. They host Gary 21st Century this weekend, one of the top teams in the state for 1A.  Expectations are that 21st Century can be really potent on offense and their guards are tall, making them even tougher to defend. Would lean towards 21st in this game but Arlington showed they are better than we thought.  As for Brownsburg, they are 1-0 and get Indianapolis Pike this weekend. That won’t be an easy game either as Pike is loaded at guard once again and will press like Coach Zych loves to do. Brownsburg just showed that pressure could hurt them a bit and it will be even worse. Would lead towards Pike in this one until Brownsburg shows they can handle it.