Conference Preview: Southwestern


Posted On: 11/5/17 3:00 PM

The high school season is almost here in the state of Illinois!  With that we look at some of the top conferences throughout the state and some of the prospects in those conferences!  Today it is the Southwestern!


Pre-Season Player of Year

PF EJ Liddell (Belleville West – 2019)

Our preseason Southwestern Player of the Year is the state’s #2 junior in Belleville West power forward EJ Liddell.  He was an absolute force to close his junior year taking out some of the premier 2017 prospects in the state.  Liddell elevated his game this summer and should be the most dominant player in southern Illinois this season with his ability to score on the block, face up, rebound, and swat shots.


Players to Watch

PF EJ Liddell (Belleville West – 2019)
SG Malachi Smith (Belleville West – 2018)
PF Keith Randolph (Belleville West – 2019)
PF Caleb Strohmeier (Edwardsville – 2018)
PG Jack Marinko (Edwardsville – 2018)
SF Terrence Hargrove (East St. Louis – 2019)
PF Joe Reece (East St. Louis – 2018)
PG Kevin Caldwell (Alton – 2018)
PG Jalen Hodge (O’Fallon – 2018)


Top Contenders

  1. Belleville West
  2. Edwardsville
  3. East St. Louis
  4. Alton
  5. O’Fallon