Cobb County (GA) POY Nominees Part 4


Posted On: 11/17/17 9:00 AM

2018 WG Mervin James – Pebblebrook High School

Mervin James has really improved his game this past summer. Mervin, along with his teammate DJ Murray, ran with Nike South Beach on the Nike EYBL circuit. James has the ability and skills set to score and put the ball in the basket. He is a very lengthy wing and has a high IQ on the court. The Falcons will need his help to be successful this season.


2019 CG CJ Henderson – Kell High School

CJ will be the X-factor for the Longhorns this year. Henderson started emerging and showing his skills late last season after earning some good minutes with the 21-8 squad. He is a pure combo guard who can facilitate and hit the three ball. CJ is another top shooter we have in Cobb County and I believe will have a breakout season this year. Unfortunately CJ is out due to injury until January.


2018 CG Grant Howard – Pebblebrook High School

The former Alexander High School guard Grant Howard has transferred over to powerhouse Pebblebrook High School. Grant averaged 17.1 ppg last season with the Cougars. With Sexton now on to Alabama, Grant will bring his scoring abilities over to Cobb. He is a pure scorer and can score in all ways on the floor. With the help of Murray and James, this Pebblebrook team can be hard to stop.


2019 SG Micah Paulk – Pope High School

Micah Paulk is arguably the best shooter in state of Georgia. He has a perfect stroke and can get hot at any point in the game. He has Stephen Curry type range and can shoot off the dribble and off screens. Paulk will be a big contributor this season for the Greyhounds, there is no doubt about that.



2018 SG Christian Jackson – Lassiter High School

You know your an athlete when you are great at basketball and football. That is the case here for Christian Jackson. Jackson is one of the best cornerback’s in the nation and has committed to Michigan State University. Jackson is also a playmaker on the hardwood. Christian is a pure scorer and also a great defender. After making the state playoffs last season, the Trojans will need his skill sets this season as well.



2019 PG Khalil Shaheed – Kennesaw Mountain High School

Khalil Shaheed is another transfer from Wheeler High School and will make an immediate impact for the Kennesaw Mountain Mustangs. Shaheed is a close friend of 2018 Cobb POY Nominee 2019 WG Jalyn McCreary. Khalil is a high IQ point guard with Derrick Rose type skills. With Shaheed, McCreary, and Strong, this season’s squad can be up to something.


2018 F Abram Gladney – South Cobb High School

Abram Gladney is a 6’5 physical forward who gets his buckets inside the paint and around the rim. He is this seasons’s leader for this South Cobb squad. Gladney will definitely can be a walking double double this year as he is also an oustanding rebounder.


2019 F Kevin Hester – North Cobb High School

Big season expected from this kid this year. After averaging 12 rebounds per game last season, the North Cobb staff will be expecting him to up his scoring ability, which they know he has. Hester is 6’5 and has the body of a full back. His size and strength gives him an advantage down low.