Alton Redbird Tip-Off Schedule

High School

Posted On: 11/8/17 5:00 PM

The Alton Redbird Tip-Off Tournament is set to go over Thanksgiving week.  It will have many top prospects from the metro east, southern Illinois, and St. Louis.  Take a look at the schedule and prospect watch below.


Monday, November 20

6:00 PM         Carbondale vs Carnahan
7:30 PM         Riverview Gardens vs Alton


Tuesday, November 21

6:00 PM         Ritenour vs O’Fallon
7:30 PM         Althoff vs St. Mary’s


Wednesday, November 22

3:00 PM         Carnahan vs Althoff
4:30 PM         O’Fallon vs Riverview Gardens
6:00 PM         St. Mary’s vs Carbondale
7:30 PM         Alton vs Ritenour


Friday, November 24

4:30 PM         Ritenour vs Riverview Gardens
6:00 PM         Carnahan vs St.Mary’s
7:30 PM         Alton vs O’Fallon

@ Carbondale HS
Carbondale vs Althoff (Time TBD)


Saturday, November 25

3:00 PM         7th Place
4:30 PM         5th Place
6:00 PM         3rd Place
7:30 PM         Championship



Prospect Watch



Darius Beane (Carbondale)
Kani Acree (Carbondale)
Kevin Caldwell (Alton)
Jalen Hodge (O’Fallon)
Tabari Dunlap (O’Fallon)
Britt Booker (O’Fallon)
Kobe Smith (Ritenour)
Yahuza Rasas (St. Mary’s)
Tony Burks (St. Mary’s)
Dominic Mitchell (St. Mary’s)

Malik Smith (Alton)
Donovan Clay (Alton)
Davion Williford (Riverview)
Yuri Collins (St. Mary’s)




James Baltz (Carbondale)
Patrick Readye (Althoff)