5 Takeaways: Plainfield vs. Tri-West

High School

Posted On: 11/26/17 11:46 AM

In the first week of the season, you are looking to find out what kind of team you are going to have. For both Plainfield and Tri-West, a few of those answers were solved. Plainfield showed resilience and was able to bounce back from a 15+ point deficit but in the end, Tri-West was able to pull out the win in overtime, 69-67.

Plainfield Is Deeper Than First Thought
Going into the season, Plainfield didn’t strike you on paper as being very deep. They have Gavin Bizeau, Brock Bizeau, and Trey Davis but beyond that, you really had no idea what they were going to be like. Last night, you saw just how deep they are as Gavin fouled out really early in the game and Trey was in foul trouble as well. A lot of new faces were playing key minutes.  Was most impressed by Sam Siegfried and Aidan Booher.  Booher is just a freshman but seemed poised and had the ability to make some plays. Siegfried came from nowhere to really put Plainfield into position to even be in this game.  He was scrappy and aggressive, giving Plainfield 15 points and 4 rebounds in a big spot as they were down the whole game.

Gavin Bizeau Could Be Set For Big Season
While he did foul out really early coming on a technical after a huge block at one end of the floor, Gavin was outstanding. He’s much more mature with his game and able to finish plays at a higher rater. His mobility looked at an all-time high as he swatted 6 blocks in the game to go along with his 15 points and 14 rebounds.  These are the types of games that Castle (IN) forward Jack Nunge was having last year before heading to Iowa. Bizeau can be that type of performer this year and it would really give him a big boost with his state-wide recognition. He’s been a player that has needed time to develop. Now might be his time to shine.

Tri-West Will Be Solid, Again
Each of the last three seasons, Tri-West has won 21 or more games and this year could be another in that line. This is a program that has been producing players as well and now they have a solid duo of seniors in Tyler Watson and Logan Blake that should really be stellar in their final year. Their schedule lines up for them to reach 20 wins yet again with only tough games coming in the Hendricks County Tournament, against Danville, Harrison, Brebeuf, and Ritter.  Should be a big year again.

New Names To Watch
Early on in the season, it is a great time to find a few new players to watch as seniors to see how they perform and if they can make enough strides in a short period of time to be on colleges radars.  There were two standouts in this game with one being Sam Siegfried of Plainfield and the other being Jared Keifer of Tri-West.  Siegfried is a 6’4 guard with the ability to handle the ball and get out in transition. Has that knack for making a play happen.  Really scrappy guy that can produce on offense.  Keifer was even more impressive as a mid-range forward at 6’3 who can back you down and score over the top. Good mid-range pull-up and solid low post finish with his right hand. Really tough to defend when he is that low.  Both would be guys to look for as DIII prospects.

Hendricks County Is Strong
Hendricks County teams have been getting better and better in recent years and this might be the peak of their talent. Danville and Brownsburg look to be the two best and are favorites in their Sectionals but Tri-West is always strong.  Plainfield showed last night they are capable of being a good team again this yer while Cascade and Avon both have enough players to play upset when the County Tournament gets underway in January.  So many players in this group with guys like Tyler Watson (Tri-West), Gavin Bizeau (Plainfield), Sam Comer (Danville), Pierce Thomas (Brownsburg), Cam Alford (Brownsburg), Dalton Dubois (Cascade), and Zach Rinehart (Avon).