5 Takeaways Indianapolis Shortridge vs. University

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Posted On: 11/21/17 4:22 PM

The first day of the season saw a couple of lopsided games as all but one was a 17+ point difference. That was the Lake Central vs. Andrean game while I was at the Shortridge vs. University game that ended 86-38 in favor of the hosts.

The final score was never in doubt even though Shortridge scored the first basket. University used 14 three-pointers to propel them to the victory. University made more three-pointers (14) than Shortridge made baskets (10). The game was never in doubt as University scored 20 or more points in every quarter while Shortridge’s quarter high was 11. Check out the complete stats from that game: Shortridge vs. University

University is a really good 1A team

Picked as the preseason AP #12 team in 1A, I can already see University is much better than that. They have a bit of size and man can they shoot the ball. They shot almost 50 percent from deep and shot 58% for the game. Their guards are tough to handle while not overly good, they make the right plays and can get to the basket. I don’t think that there are many 1A teams with the size and guards that University showed me.

Zack Hodgin looks like a solid small school prospect

Coming in, I knew what I would see from David Howard which was a little bit of everything. I wanted to find someone else that would perk my interest and with Hodgin, I think I did. He showed me a really good ability to get to the rim and finish, although I would like to see him play against better teams. Playing off-ball he knew how to move without it and has great court vision for kicks on his drives shown by his four assists. Hodgin also displayed toughness by crashing the boards hard and then running the floor. Not going to be a high scorer, but he can finish with the best of them.

You have to get a hand up on University…

…or they are going to kill you with the long ball. They went 14-of-29 from deep and late in the game even passed up on some wide open ones. Three guys made three or more as David Howard was 5-of-7, Quinn Steiner was 4-of-6, and Ethan Sickels struggled a bit but was still 3-of-8. They drive in and kick out or throw it into the post and kick it back out when the help comes. No matter what they do, it’s going to be really tough to stop them.

Shortridge needs better shot selection

Shortridge was 10-for-53 in the game along with a measly 1-of-19 from deep. They shot numerous airballs and had some three-point attempts that were ridiculous. They are going to need to work on driving to the rim more and using their athleticism to go to the line if they are going to want to make progress this year. They had too many times where they would come down and make one or two passes only to shoot a brick. They could be better this year, but until they slow it down and pick their spots, they aren’t going to see much improvement.

Watch how this next week transpires for both of these teams to get a better grasp!

University has a tough week remaining as they face Indianapolis Lutheran, the AP preseason 1A #14 team, and Park Tudor, the 2A preseason #13 team. These remaining two games this week will show us how good University can really be this year as they have to face two very good opponents to start off the year. Shortridge doesn’t have it any easier though as they face the defending 3A state champions, Crispus Attucks. I want Shortridge to keep that game a little closer than this one against University.