Recruiting Report: Trent Fitzpatrick (2018)


Posted On: 11/8/17 5:00 AM

Davenport Assumption point guard Trent Fitzpatrick has established himself as one of Eastern Iowa’s top guards, and he’s in line for a monster senior season with a Knights team that will be very dangerous this winter.

The 5-foot-10 floor general is also one of the state’s best soccer players, and he’s being recruited for both sports, but it’s basketball he’ll likely pursue at the next level.

“I’m being recruited a lot for both sports, and that’s been awesome. Unfortunately, in college, I probably won’t be able to play both. I’ve talked to some Division II colleges and at that level they just say it’s too hard, especially with basketball being winter and soccer being fall,” said Fitzpatrick.

“Basketball has been my love, and I know being 5’10 doesn’t always help, but it’s just something I love and I’m passionate about, and I think I could have a good college career.”

Fitzpatrick added: “Mostly it’s been a handful of Division III schools recruiting me, and I’ve gone on some Division II visits. And I’ve talked to some NAIA schools. I’m just trying to figure out right now what a good school for me to go and compete will be at.”

Soccer is still an option, and if he heads the D3 route, then it’s possible he could play both sports. But the goal for now is D2 for hoops.

“If it happens to be where I want to go to a lower level, then some D3 schools may be open to having me play both,” said Fitzpatrick. “But as of right now, I’m just trying to get to the highest level, and see what I can do this year.”

Whichever college ends up with Fitzpatrick, will get a quick and skilled lead guard, with a toughness to his game.

“I bring a threat to a lot of defenses because of my capability to score and also being able to pass it well. I’m one of the top scorers and assistsers to return this year from our conference,” said Fitzpatrick.  

“Soccer helps me bring quickness to my game, and that is something that allows me to pull myself away from other guards in the area.”

He added: “I bring toughness to the court and leadership, and I’m a guy who is a positive speaker on the court, and a good role model for the younger guys.”

After a spring and summer playing with one of the Midwest’s best grassroots teams, Quad City Elite 17U, Fitzpatrick now heads into his senior season with a full head of steam.

And is ready to rack up some Ws as the leader of the Knights.

“As a three year starter and a guy that’s been there, I need to run the show and be a great leader this season,” said Fitzpatrick.

“It’s all about the win, that’s all I’m working for. Individual-wise, I’d love to be all-conference, all-state, but my main focus in on winning and being the best possible leader I can be for my team.”