10 Best: St. Viator vs Prospect


Posted On: 11/22/17 9:00 PM

It was all St. Viator on their home floor at the Joe Majkowski Classic over Prospect.  They started out quickly and didn’t let up.  They won by a final of 71-60 with the key players sitting out the fourth quarter for both teams.  There were quite a few quality performances from players to check out in our 10 Best: St. Viator vs Prospect.



PG Treyvon Calvin (St. Viator – 2019)

Calvin is a quick twitched point guard at 6’0” that might have played better than anytime we saw him in July where he broke out on our radar.  He is an athletic lead guard that pushes tempo.  Gets to the cup where he can finish with body control and finds others.  His jump shot was on point Wednesday night!  Calvin drilled three triples and a few other pull ups inside the arc.  Balanced shot with elevation off the floor.  Speed in transition plays very well and was what stood out in the summer, but his scoring in the half court was what impressed us in this game.  Calvin had 22 points in the win.  Low-major and mid-majors should have him on their radar.



Best offensive performance

SF Jeremiah Hernandez (St. Viator – 2019)

Hernandez is a rangy wing with good length.  I was especially impressed with how he competed on the defensive end in this one.  Used his long arms to get in passing lanes and create turnovers.  Solid help defense.  Offensively he showed his diverse game.  Slippery scorer that finds a crease in the defense and takes it to the cup.  Quick first step off the bounce.  Finishes well with body control at the rim as well as using the glass on floaters.  Drilled a pick and pop three.  Most of his points came in paint.  Hernandez didn’t force anything and got others involved throughout the game with crisp passes.  He had 15 points.  Hernandez is a solid mid-major target.



Best defensive performance

Jeremiah Hernandez (St. Viator – 2019)

Best rebounder

SF Jack Geary (St. Viator – 2018)

Geary is a player we didn’t know a lot about coming in.  The 6’2” small forward struggled putting the ball on the deck, but for the most part stuck to his strengths.  Hit threes off the catch and got on the offensive glass.  Tough glue guy. 12 points for Geary.




Best passer

PG David Swedura (Prospect – 2018)

Swedura is a lead guard that we were looking forward to getting another eval of in this game.  His team got down early and they could never recover.  The Prospect senior did show us what makes him intriguing at the small college level.  Crisp ball handler that can pass the rock with feel.  Capable three point shooter off the catch. Tough kid.  He had 11 points and a handful of assists.




Best catch and shoot guy

PG Treyvon Calvin (St. Viator – 2019)



Best intangibles

SG Peter Lambesis (St. Viator – 2018)

Lambesis is a skilled 6’4” wing that plays with a high basketball IQ.  He has exceptional court vision and feel for the game.  Even though he wasn’t scoring in the first half he still impacted the game with his passing, rebounding, and toughness.  Finishes well in transition and can drill a stop and pop mid-range jumper.  The lefty had 10 points.  High level D3/NAIA recruit that will make a coach at that level extremely happy!




Best under-the-radar performance

PF Jon Kreidler (Prospect – 2019)

Kreidler is a tough undersized four man that fights hard on the glass and gets junk points.  Good role player.




Best underclassmen

PF Michael Huene (St. Viator – 2020)

Huene is a young post that is long and gangly looking, but has the frame to add strength.  Looked to pass most of the game and was a bit timid at times, but he has size and range that make him a presence on the defensive end.  He isn’t there right now, but is a long term big to track.



Best Story to Track Moving Forward

St. Viator looked dominant in the first three quarters against Prospect.  Their guard and wing trio of Treyvon Calvin, Jeremiah Hernandez, and Peter Lambesis have a chance to do some major damage this season if they play like they did the night before Thanksgiving!