Keaton Rodgers 6A Posts Battle in Bullhead

Posted On: 10/3/17 11:34 AM

6A has more depth on the wings and at the point guard position. However, there are still some solid posts who will make an impact this upcoming season. Below are some of the posts to keep an eye on for the 2017-2018 season.

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Jalen Graham 6’8 PF 2019 Mountain Pointe

Graham is one of the most versatile and athletic posts in the state. Over the summer, he played more of a 3 with Alpha Males. However, with Mountain Pointe, he played more in the “dunker spot” in the short corner. His ability to do a little bit of everything has left a number of colleges interested.

Dre Harris Red Mountain
Dre Harris Red Mountain

Dre Harris 6’7 PF 2019 Red Mountain

There are very few posts in this state are capable of passing the basketball in the same manner as Harris. Further, he has become more athletic and has added a consistent mid-range jumper. Despite only being a junior, he is quite strong as well.

Cam Katal 6’10 C 2019 Westview

Katal has some areas that he needs to improve. However, he has added a nice drop step baseline and middle to his game. His height and soft touch around the rim make him an intriguing prospect. Add to it that he will have a lot of unselfish talent around him next year who will give him the basketball in spots where he can have success. He should be ready for a huge season.

Keaton Rodgers 6’5 PF 2018 Sandra Day O’Connor

Rodgers is an undersized big, but he is strong and holds position well. Further, he has nice footwork on the block that enables him to create shots for himself. Moreover, he has a good mid-range jumper. As Rodgers continues to get back into basketball shape, he will make a big impact for O’Connor this year.

Brandon Kron 6’5 PF 2019 Desert Mountain

Kron has put on more muscle and a couple of inches of height. He is still undersized for a 4 at the next level. However, his strength, intelligence, and footwork allow for him to do a lot of things despite his size. Further, he has a good motor and plays extremely hard.

Christian Anigwe 6’8 PF/C 2018 Desert Vista

Anigwe is more of a traditional big at this point. However, he has put a lot of work into extending his game and adding more versatility. Anigwe has a nice drop step baseline and a good up and under counter. If Anigwe is able to to make the complete transition to the 4, he will improve his ability to play well at the next level.

Zach Anderson 6’6 PF 2018 Hamilton

Anderson has a unique style of play and an interesting rhythm. He is quite effective in the short corner off of pick and rolls as he has a consistent shot. Further, Anderson is a workhorse who gets on the glass well and is effective on the defensive end of the floor.