Vantage 2018 Rankings: Underrated and Under Recruited (Part 2)

High School

Posted On: 10/9/17 2:05 PM

We’ve now had three years of high school and AAU basketball to break down the 2018 class, and things look much different then our first rankings of them two years ago. While rankings are always subject to change, especially with the reclass and transfer rate as it is, almost all of the players have improved whether they dropped or rose in our rankings.

When taking rankings into consideration, the Vantage Hoops team spends about a month contacting coaches and experts across the state to compile the list. There were over 250 kids we considered for the top 150, and the rankings reflect the next level potential of the prospects. Things taken into consideration include upside, high school production, head-to-head matchups, skill set on both sides of the ball and include intangibles such such as how recruitable a kid is based on grades, attitude and how coachable they are.

We will spend the next few weeks breaking down our new rankings from 2018 through 2020. Here’s a look at part two of our 2018 underrated and under recruited prospects. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more breakdowns moving forward!

Donovan Breeding | 6’3” WG | Osbourn/Higher Level (#84 Overall)

Donovan Breeding

Breeding’s an off guard with good size, a high basketball IQ and good fundamentals in every aspect of the game. He moves extremely well off the ball, always making the right cut to either get an easy layup or relocate on the perimeter to get open for a jumper. He has good form and a smooth stroke from deep, he boxes out and rebounds well on both ends of the floor and he has a good feel and good vision to find cutters and shooters. He’s a well coached kid who’s productive and consistently makes the right play without hurting his team.

Darrell Purdie | 6’3” CG | George Wythe/River City Reign (#89 Overall)

Darrell Purdie

Purdie seemingly came out of nowhere to play a big role in helping George Wythe get back to the state tournament last year. A combo guard that plays with pace, shoots it from deep and defends the basketball well, he plays with poise and leadership as well that helps make others around him better. He has a good feel for the game, he can create shots for himself and for others and he’s a tough kid that seemingly always bounces back when he’s knocked down. He struggled with some injuries late in the summer, but he continued to improve and should have a great senior season.

Ben Kling | 5’11” CG | Stone Bridge/LBA Attack (#93 Overall)

Ben Kling

A knock down shooter from deep, Kling will make you pay for leaving him open. He has a quick release, great footwork off the catch and he’s also a kid who can make shots effortlessly from deep off the bounce. He may not look like it, but he’s a tough kid who loves competition and loves the spotlight. He’ll drill a jumper right in your grill and then let you know about it the whole way down the court. His ability to play on and off the ball makes him versatile as well, and he has the innate ability to make tough shots that most kids can’t make.

Kaeleb Carter | 6’3” WF | Colgan/Higher Level (#97 Overall)

Kaeleb Carter

A two sport star with great length and energy, Carter is all over the court and is a playmaker on both ends of the floor. He’s quick and athletic, and that coupled with his length allows him to guard multiple positions all over the floor. He’s a good rebounder on both ends and versatile on both ends as well. He can shoot it from deep, he can handle it in transition and he finish in traffic both in the half court and in transition. Whether he chooses football or basketball, he’s likely going to get a scholarship by the end of the season.

Malik Jordan | 6’1” PG | Kempsville (#105 Overall)

Jordan is a dual-threat point guard who’s very under-the-radar but is extremely skilled and plays with a high IQ. He’s a terrific drive-and-kick point guard who gets in the lane with ease and finds shooters and cutters for easy shots and layups. He has a tight handle and can break down defenders in one-on-one situations, and he reads the pick-and-roll really well. He has a great middle game with various pull-ups and floaters that he can make, and he’s a player that teammates love to play with because he can take over when needed but also keeps others involved throughout the game.

Ramon Hampton | 6’6” PF | William Fleming (#108 Overall)

Ramon Hampton

Hampton’s stock is on the rise with smaller schools throughout the state because of his tremendous upside. He’s a long and athletic forward who can run the floor, finish above the rim and finishes around the basket in traffic. He can shoot the midrange out to 15 feet, and defensively he’s a big time rim protector that has great timing when contesting shots. He’s still raw, but that could be a good thing because with the right coaching he’ll get better at the next level.