Updated Washington State Rankings: Class of 2020


Posted On: 10/31/17 5:50 PM

The rankings are out and this list is loaded with high flyers, knock down shooters, elite ball handlers and lock down defenders. Washington is a HUB for talent and I stand by that statement.

The class of 2020 features some of the top talent to ever come out of Washington. There is a number of these kids who will yield a division one offer. The D2, D3 and NAIA level guys also have some star studded talent lingering in the midst as well. With the season right upon us some of these guys are narrowing down there options and will utilize this season to up their stock.

You wont be surprised with who is in our top 10. These guys have earned there stripes and have created a huge buzz throughout the city. Beauchamp, Erickson, Saze and Moffet all have performed at a high level this past summer and gained some national coverage. Playing on the circuit has afforded them many D1 offers.

With many guys to name and many guys who have upped there stock this past summer the list from top to bottom is strong. Even though some of these guys wont go D1. They will still be huge impact players for any college they decide to go to. Most of these guys will develop and have the opportunity to have great college careers.

With that, we present for our subscribers the new 2020 rankings: