Recruiting Spotlight: Max Agbonkpolo (2019)

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Posted On: 10/3/17 11:22 AM

Recruiting Spotlight: Max Agbonkpolo (2019)

CERRITOS, CA.—If you’re familiar wth the Santa Margarita program you know they are blessed with a plethora of “Bigs”. However, they also have a couple of 2019 wing-types that will be major college players someday—Jake Kyman being one and the other Max Agbonkpolo. 

The 6-foot-7ish Agbonkpolo is a wiry prospect that climbing up the recruiting charts at an alarming rate. When asked about his ascension, he attributed it to a couple of areas.

“As a freshman and sophomore my dribbling was weak. I would turn the ball over a lot. But now I feel I can handle the pressure better and I now have the ability to get into the lane and make plays.”

Agbonkpolo is one of the most improved players in So-Cal

This claim was supported at the Ron Massey Memorial Fall Hoops Classic where Agbonkpolo made a living slicing his way through defenders as he slashed his way to the rim. While at the rim he exhibited some eye-popping explosiveness as he rammed home one of the most impressive dunks of the event.

Despite his noticeable improvements there are other areas of his game that need attention.

“Shooting, definitely shooting for sure. Also I need to get stronger. Being able to carry guys on his hip while attacking, finishing through contact as well as knocking down shots consistently to keep the defenses honest will take my game to a whole other level.”

As Agbonkpolo’s stock continues to elevate so has the college attention.

“Oregon State, USC, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, Utah State, and Princeton are the schools that come immediately to mind, explains Agbonkpolo. “But I know there are others too.”

If Santa Margarita is not a regular stop on the the So-Cal recruiting trail for the high-majors, it would be worth it to take a peak, considering the growth of Max Agbonkpolo.