Recruiting Report: Tre Waggnor (2019)


Posted On: 10/18/17 5:29 PM

Tre Waggnor is a 5’8 Point Guard from Bixby High School. Waggnor plays grassroots ball for the Oklahoma Wolfpack, where he had a good summer.

Waggnor is a good shooter who is smart with the ball. He works the ball well and gets his teammates involved. He also has good handles which compliments his ball security. On the defensive side of the ball, he is a pesky defender, but also a smart one as well.

In the offseason, Waggnor worked on becoming a better overall defender and worked on his shot. Before the upcoming season, he would like to improve all assets of his game.

While most people in the world like to hate on Steph Curry, Waggnor feels the opposite. He likes Curry because of his work ethic on and off the court.

“I do not think that anyone in the league outworks Curry,” said Waggnor.

While not on the court, you could find Waggnor in another gym. Waggnor’s favorite off court activity is boxing. He likes to box in his time away from basketball.


While looking for a college, Waggnor is focused on his comfort. He would like to find a school that makes him feel comfortable and one in which he fits into their system well. Waggnor does not yet know what he would like to go to school for, but he has a good GPA at 3.8 and an ACT score of 22.

Waggnor is currently ranked No. 28 in the 2019 class of Oklahoma.

Waggnor seams to have a good set of priorities. In the upcoming year, he would like to have a good school year on the academic side of things. On the basketball side, Waggnor wants to win games. Waggnor would like to help the Spartans deep into the tournament while having a strong record. Waggnor’s goal is to win as many games as possible this upcoming season.