Recruiting Report: Quentin Harvey (2019)


Posted On: 10/21/17 6:55 PM

Quentin Harvey is a 6’5 Forward from Union High School. Harvey plays for Ball 4 Life in grassroots play.

Harvey has good size which helps him play well in the paint. With his size, he is able to see over defenders to find his open teammates. He also draws double teams because of his size which opens up his teammates for open shots.

Before the upcoming season, Harvey would like to become a better ball handler and shooter to open up the floor for the Redskins.

Harvey’s favorite NBA player is Russell Westbrook because of the way he can run the court. He also likes the fact that Westbrook has a high basketball IQ and know the game at a higher level than anyone in the court.

While off the basketball court, Harvey’s mind always seems to be on the game.

“I do not have many other interests,” said Harvey. “I am always focused on basketball.”

Harvey currently has a 3.0 GPA and has not yet taken the ACT.

While looking at college to attend, Harvey wants a school that makes him the best basketball player that he can be. He also wants a school that is good academically to help him later in life.

In the upcoming season, Harvey would like to simply get better.

“I just want to be the best that I can be,” said Harvey.

Harvey will look to contribute to a Redskins squad that made it to the final last season. He will hope to have a bigger role for Union after they graduated some impressive players las season.